Wow!! This is huge #justicefortrayvon & all the other nameless innocent young men like him who have lost their life!! #Repost from @rocsidiaz
  • keshiaknightpulliamWow!! This is huge #justicefortrayvon & all the other nameless innocent young men like him who have lost their life!! #Repost from @rocsidiaz

  • gaboyj@kingjames you need to be on this list brother. (My opinion)
  • istillstandDamn Right!! I wouldn't step my feet in NO part Of Florida!!! Fo Real Tho!!
  • earlyallenI am crying right now this is great news I know something has do be done and this is a great start we will not be held down by injustice praise god!!!!!
  • mesha812This is excellent @its_dinky I gotta repost!
  • im_low_qui@keshiaknightpulliam this post was found to be false and @rocsidiaz deleted it from her page. None of the younger celebrities are doing this.
  • justifiedoneAmen! I'm so happy people are taken action to get justice for Trayvon.
  • chloestillraynesThis is not gonna change a damn thing!
  • christopheramurray3yahoocomThat what we have to do...hit them in there pocket.
  • strawberries7377Smdh!!!!
  • fr8trainrunnerThey should all boycott NY too!
  • bumble_queen_bActually, this is fake... here's the story:
  • msgiggles512How is it self defence to kill an unarmed person? Police warned him not to pursue him also??!! How would you feel if that was your relative? I bet you would be heart broken and irate @crude_n_tattooed
  • ayanalugo_realestateWhat about those of us who live here? It is sad what happened...but how does Black artists punish a white system? Isn't your audience mainly Black? That makes no sense.
  • heyyyy_booIt makes perfect sense because its sending a message. I understand that if u li e I. Florida it's frustrating but something has to get their attention that what happened to Trayvon Martin is wrong and needs to be corrected for future. Its not just black artists cause last time I checked JT was white. Black or white a message needs to be sent @beautifulflower817
  • ayanalugo_realestate@heyyyy_boo if you say so, but I don't feel the same way about a boycott. How long have we been boycotting? And what has it profited us so far? Nothing...we are still in the same place, otherwise this would have never happened. Artists not playing here sends no message to the officials here. They probably don't care as the governor has already stated. We need more.
  • crude_n_tattooedThe dude wasn't a poor innocent "kid" he was a thug. He was a fighter, he was a thief, he was a drug user. And the fact is that he wad trespassing on private property. If he hadn't been somewhere he shouldn't have been he woukd still be alive. Also a jury if his peers found him not guilty. Get over it.
  • crude_n_tattooedThe gun laws here are just fine. The artist c
  • crude_n_tattooedThe artist can stay out if they don't like it.
  • jackie_love86I'm glad to c there r still some caring hearts out there....good!!!!!!!
  • _nullisecundus_crude_n_tattooed may your kids and their decendants reap the the misery & hatred your ignorance breeds! He had every right to be there. He was found not guilty by a bunch of white/latina biggots like himself...may their offsprings feel the same injustice too! #assholes
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