Daddy with his
  • teresagiudiceDaddy with his

  • scoochxoxoThis is for joe. What u said about Jacqueline little boy makes me sick it just shows what a fucking asshole u really r!!!💩💩💩
  • jeanniecadeLove and her family!
  • patsyp22nice
  • chefchrissotVery beautiful pic!
  • humble_maNice family picture!
  • carolmbarker03Ur kids r out of control. U know ur hub was cheating last season. How dare him say and talk and call u names on public tv. Really? U went for it? And ur oldest daughter is only going to get stronger and she is a disrespectful rip. I would stop reality tv and focus on ur family. I think u r a good person and r taking on a lot. But get it off tv.
  • lisab1267You have a fabulous family. To the hater and butter who felt compelled to write hurtful judgemental opinion, don't hurt someone who isn't hurting you.
  • lisab1267You have a right to watch the show, and a right to have an opinion. You even get to post your opinion. But how is writing your negative harsh opinion make you uplifted in your world. After all only your world is reality for you.
  • carolmbarker03Maria cortez I am not attacking teresa. I was complimenting her as a women. U need to chill. Teresa needs to give herself credit.
  • carolmbarker03And what does my ring have to do with any of the conversation?
  • nicolasa_24@maria_cortez_mia what's ur problem with @carolmbarker03 she right!!! Those kids r out of control.. Teresa has a whole show and family that don't approve of her actions... U already have shown ur just as nutz as Teresa...
  • nicolasa_24@jakescully27 agree
  • nicoletodaroTeresa your family is beautiful! God bless! Watching show last night, cried but Melissa is a witch & troublemaker, she was brewing because she doesnt want you & your brother alone, she cant control him! I havent talked to my brother for same reason! Hope you worked it out, but watch your back!
  • glomckayYep I agree with^^ nicoletodaro^^ she d
  • ranahhhh@teresagiudice beautiful 😍😍😍
  • nicolettesusiyou are prob just ignoring these comments but u are my role model and I look up to you I love u
  • bonzoee@carolmbarker03 I keep seeing @maria__cortez on all of the housewives instagram & she's very negative, she's always leaving rude downgrading comments on everyones page. I would just ignore her, she makes herself look extremely hateful & ugly. I seen ur point. It was a good comment & u were right.
  • lynette_rosenbachAgreed @nicoletodaro. Watch your back Teresa!
  • toniawhyte007Cute
  • bcockyinacaddylike the pink shorts
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