Hanging out at the dock with my little angel.
  • teresagiudiceHanging out at the dock with my little angel.

  • scoochxoxoYes she looks good in a bathing suit ! But she got her head up her ass!!!
  • _vaneee3_Wow teresa @melissagorga colors are showing be careful don't trust that bitch
  • areav__#teamteresa @teresagiudice love you!
  • adridonYou look great T!
  • iroquoisprincessTeresa, keep doing what you do, the way you do it! You are a good mother, wife and person. Some here on this public format want be mean and rude, they don't know you, or what you have to deal with on a daily bases. Your daughters are beautiful your husband photos ALWAYS have one or All of his daughters with him. He isn't taking video's of a run way model buttock's, like others, who always criticize you & Joe. Much blessing lots of Love.
  • _vaneee3_Teresa you have the best products its crazy how @melissagorga called your products cheesy Melissa is hating on you so much that is very sad, @melissagorga because of teresa you got famous don't forget that
  • kurshkursh20Luv u
  • lorizhOMG look at you!!!! I want that bikini! Love how Audrianna has her hand on her hip <3
  • mkbladYou look amazing!
  • landuccii@kimbernerd lol girl me too :B
  • rosannafab@teresagiudice You are amazing mother & all italian familys have probs w/ eachother even i do with my dads fam so u arent alone.
  • dashiamylesShe's got a nice body !!! 🙌
  • maleikmccshe looks great! She's a mother of four and looks like that
  • sandybell8910Those legs!
  • vkyu_Your little girl already has the skinny arm post down! 😂😂
  • belalondon1👍👍👍
  • paoita16Yeah rock it "while you can"
  • jessesgirl25Wow, @teresagiudice, you look fantastic! :-)
  • carlywc19Yea, honey, if your baby does the hand on the hip pose, something is wrong.
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