Celebs,"Controversial" figures, MOMS, KEEPIN this ISSUE alive! #TrayvonMartin RT @TheRevAl: @Beyonce, Jay Z, @SybrinaFulton
  • kathygriffinCelebs,"Controversial" figures, MOMS, KEEPIN this ISSUE alive! #TrayvonMartin RT @TheRevAl: @Beyonce, Jay Z, @SybrinaFulton

  • ngpmotorent-a-cop vs. thug ........ th
  • belfast1967Hmm comments are being deleted?!? Very un-American.
  • yfbeats4136Some of u honkies ain't shit
  • tylerhooglandYou will never see any of them with a "victim" of another race besides African American!
  • tylerhooglandIt's sad and pathetic and racist!
  • itshaideeagree @jamiecryderman. Blacks are always so quick to cry foul. Do you not know what trouble this has caused other people as well? The Zimmerman's have moved out because of threats and harrassments. But who cares about them, there are neighbors who have had to move out because their house has been mistaken by angry mobs. And the President who should be unbiased is out there voicing his personal opinion about the issue, fueling riots and marches supported by these dumb-ass celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce, who I used to like. But lately, they are just looking like spoiled ass, privileged celebrities wanting to ride on anything popular just to look like they care about the issue and be photographed. It's disgusting. I stopped liking them especially after they were photographed on their trip to Cuba, a place where Americans are not allowed to go. But Mr. President probably granted them "special access" since they are buds, right? I hate the blunt show of special favors.
  • bigchele77@hmcdevitt1106 - Waaaaaaaahhhhhh. . . Any other whining you want to do? Maybe there wasn't enough in this diaherra of a comment, moron. Zimmerman killed someone's son, so if he's suffering, that's a shame. An acquittal doesn't mean innocent, it means there was reasonable doubt. And if you hate these celebrities so much, stop following and quit bitching.
  • tombstonebabyYou racists need to tone down the rage. What's funny is that both sides think that about the other side...
  • queen_blackandbeautifulEveryone just needs to stop bad mouthing each other, cut the crap and get along. I see wrong on both sides. Stop the foolish bickering and do what is right! We all have our part to play. Let's focus on nation building and learning from our mistakes.
  • jeanninehargrdhDon't get so butt hurt it's only a picture.
  • captsavetheworldUm, the President commended the jurors for their efforts in working within the law and she'd light on a misguided law that needs review. He shared his concern that it could have been him 35 years ago and that there is a problem in the US but I haven't heard of him endorsing any celebrity fueled protest. Read the facts please before you try to incite your own controversy.
  • captsavetheworldShed, not she'd. Sorry
  • ktlady02It's called auto correct!
  • freshlook8So once again it turns into a race issue. I didn't see al sharpen or any of the other black racist NAACP out when oj killed a WHITE woman?
  • tylerhoogland@darealqueen_b preach it! You're soooooooo wise and right!
  • tingadingmrcOJ Simpson and Nicole ...did we march? Did we riot? Race card...winning. @freshlook8 ...I hear ya!
  • tylerhooglandSo now the mom is profiting off of her sons death? What a disgrace! They've lost a fan! Where are they when a person of another race is killed!?
  • itshaidee@darealqueen_b you're right. I'm done. No need to put in my personal feelings about celebrities on here. All I'm saying is that it is done, let's move on. No violence. The case does need a second look as well as the state. It's a tragedy and hopefully Martin's family can heal and laws can be passed to change things so that this does not happen again. We can only learn from our mistakes. Out.
  • blondeisnotacrimeRidiculous
  • poppyduboisAmen! It is horrible that people can kill our children and get away with it now thanks to this horrible trial.
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