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  • dguttenfelderA North Korean woman adds up the restaurant lunch receipts while military videos play on the TV behind the counter.

  • ofie_wahyudiOh its flat screen
  • the_1_sultanWhy Is military the only thing on North Korea tv? I know a lot about the 2 Koreas already but y?
  • momclinnShe is beautiful
  • sa.muleSuch a sad place
  • igor230381Да ну вы и дебилы китайцы помешанные
  • blackmennewstyleIt is awesome and sad in same time, a journalist can go there and shows us reality inside this country but do not be fool, every photos and pictures are for sure under controlled, we can see propaganda in every videos. We hide themselves behind our wealth, our technology but true is our world is sick, this country is prove of all efforts we have to do...
  • doyoudome@pimra
  • marilynthebee@kabish_
  • joshstrickMore brainwashing
  • pandiqueYou posting these pictures and videos is amazing. Thank you, sir.
  • manalsa_7@fatimah_46
  • lynndiemThat's excellent!!
  • sucksandthecity@laurenchoe139 @hanbit007 개신기
  • sucksandthecity@laurenchoe139 그니까생각보다세련됬지않냐ㅋ
  • sucksandthecity@laurenchoe139 있을거다있음티비도있다는게신기ㅋ물론평양만저렇게살겠지만
  • sucksandthecity@laurenchoe139 배척하더니ㅉㅉ걍..난저곳이신기해..야고위관직자들은다사용한다던데?맥같은거ㅋㅋ그라무뭐해ㅠ쟤네국민들은사용하지도못하는데알수가없음바깥세상ㅠㅠ
  • sucksandthecity@laurenchoe139 저기서지들이최고고 하고싶은데로하는데통일이고뭐고하고싶겠냐ㅠ존나불쌍혀..
  • sucksandthecity@laurenchoe139 티비에서나오는건다ㄱㅈㅇ찬양송ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ내가이상태로저기서한달만살면미치거나아님믿을지도몰라하도처나와서
  • ha15_16평양만 없어지면 통일된다
  • pollux_x完全是中国红歌的调啊
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