Date Night
  • tishcyrusDate Night

  • ashley.cecelia^^btw her bio is just funny xD
  • meeshabiswas@scummymoons dude she went after @/shushapawa after that
  • ashley.cecelia@meeeshh19 i agree it was wrong, but there is nothing i can do about it. she was ignorant to say those stuff but she isnt listening to us either way.
  • shushapawa@meeeshh19 lol no worry about me, I can understand that my English isn't good.. But it isn't a motivation to insult people like this -.- I'm only 16 and I started studying English some months ago (yeah, theoretically I've been doing it for 11 years but I have ever studied it AHAHAH lol.) so it's OBVIOUS that my English sucks.. And plus she contacted my body in this topic and she didn't have to do it. But people like her are everywhere, I'm used to this situations :)
  • aquabr@ijo_odi
  • treyy_dGosh he looks beaten up
  • sam_sleeperYour all cunts, mileys a cunt, her mums a cunt, her dads a cunt
  • johannanordgren@noraeldas
  • _pollyslipsStill together? Wow such a lovely story!
  • piggy1276Yeah 😘😃 @pullau that's true
  • victoriaarrasyour a cunt @sam_sleeper
  • lolaababyyyYou guys are both like so perfect!<3
  • mikayla.tiplerIt doesn't matter. Just because you think his daughters in a path of destruction. Doesn't mean shit. Miley is amazing. And nobody cares about little haters opinions. like yours,that diss miley on her MOTHERS acc. He can be unhappy for various reasons. Just cause miley seems to be a horrible person to you doesn't mean he thinks that about his own daughter. Miley's probably not even close to the reason he always seems sad.and seems to be in his own world. @courtybee_
  • forevermileycyrus2Perfects
  • nicolawatson_@katarinalulic2 looking good billy!!
  • emilyswaineeEveryone acts as if miley is such a failure, but let me just say, I don't see anyone who's moaning having such an amazing, successful caterer and life. Just because she decided to change her image people are STILL acting pathetically? What's the point?
  • niharika_28I'm just shocked at the change. I mean. From Hannah Montana to twerking ?
  • sammelendez14@amelendez15
  • fabis_ramMiley drug
  • jeanmoms@emilyswainee preach
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