Out eating pizza with the boys and our dude Kenny...the convos at this table...2funny...#beingakidagain
  • dwyanewadeOut eating pizza with the boys and our dude Kenny...the convos at this table...2funny...#beingakidagain

  • hotshot02xUr ex wife hurting on these streets
  • dericksalvatore21That's what I did today
  • oscartheogLittle boys eyes looks creepy.
  • oscartheogAnd the big boys eyes looks creepy too!!!
  • quitamcakes10Ur a great dad!
  • yvngkiddaur a great dad they are lucky too have you
  • ifidosaysoThe best thing a father can do for their children is love their mother @dwyanewade Be a standup man make a mends with your ex wife. Her family took you in at age 14. Before Gabriel Union, she was there. I pray your hardened ❤ is turned.
  • blackknightrise@analyzemyig what is wrong with you life doesn't always go the way you want it to... people change things happen for a reason it's life just be happy for the man and his children
  • jawcrushPlz go to the 2 week of the heat camp cause i wanna see u
  • jawcrushMy name is jodhua
  • jawcrushJoshus
  • jawcrushJoshua I mean I hope to see u
  • toddgriffinWalked right past you on our way out, but decided to leave you guys alone since you were with fam looking to have a peaceful dinner. Hope to have another chance to say what's up to you @dwaynewade .
  • dareld_meta@dwyanewade hangs out with white people!? :O whatttt a khoool guyyy
  • ymiringimarssonbeast
  • fatgirlhedonistMakes me want to go to Andiamo!
  • folow_new_acCan I have some
  • mzbanks2005@analyzemyig u only have one side of the story, dont judge @dwyanewade if u dont know the whole story. Anyone can tell this man heart is pure from the love he show his children. Anyone can tell this woman is crazy. She is being paid 300000 a year and u claiming shes homeless just to get attention. Now u tell me thats not crazy?! And y is Gabriel name coming up, her mother took him in but that doesnt mean he have to b with her daughter if hes not happy. Anybody can c this chick needs psychological help.
  • thafamous_chrisjMan Dah Dah Growing Up I Use To Stay Diwn The Street From Him , Tell Him CJ said What Up !
  • vweezy13@dwyanewade i played college football with kenny wat up k whit!!!
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