Make it rain #flighttour
  • blakegriffin32Make it rain #flighttour

  • josh.johnsonGuess who else makes it rain... MY MOM
  • adam_chichesterlol
  • inactivemateeeHappy birthday Blake
  • this_is_devonDUNKING KING
  • shotgunricky_I'm up working now wanting to b like you one day
  • lindsaynipper❤️😍💙😏😋
  • kijanellyess!!! make it rain 😋
  • anakyloWant to be a pro like u (0n the WNBA)
  • aplbrillianceI love it. You are simply magnificent. Your first stepping onto the Clippers floor, I made sure my daughter and I were there to see your very first game. I knew when you were selected to join the Clippers, this was going to be a serious game changer in LA. You are the face of this franchise and will be a Clippers All Time Great....there just simply isn't another that has set in motion what you have done. With your addition to this franchise, you immediately set the tone, the stage and the course of this LA Clippers team to become great, respected and taken seriously. Never again will they look down on this team because of U. I love that you're here. You are the face of this New Era of Los Angeles Clippers basketball. I simple just adore you. Your the real deal, keep doing you, cause we all LOVE IT. CLASSY, RESPECTABLE, EXTREME TALENT AND SKILLED. I have dubbed you the 'Posternater', 'Posterizer' and 'the Dunk Master'. God bless, now get that ring and give us in Clippers Nation a BIG parade like this city has never seen. ;-)
  • blackgirlfly99Simply flawless 😪
  • david_stacy44Your awesome
  • nikesolez2booty 👀
  • haleyk34@heavholden
  • l.bagbyU are my idol
  • pureawesomeauHi Blake, check your direct messages, you have a message from us #wearepureawesome @blakegriffin32
  • baileyrenee24Me when I go into the game 😂 @luke_rodriguez
  • delta48syou're awesome😄☺️☺️
  • femaleb0nerHAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE
  • ottchelseyHey babe ❤️💙 @blakegriffin32
  • diamond_in_a_rough1U gotta win a chip,#yay
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