Stella is 100% German Shephard.
  • teresagiudiceStella is 100% German Shephard.

  • katiecassidy35What a horrible thing to say about a child, jealous much?
  • shell_leigh3@jamaicandiamondempress how can you mention God in your profile yet speak so negative about a child? God sees how ugly you truly are.
  • rainbowboyz93Wow, God can punish you, and watch out your future;) @jamaicandiamondempress and Hey Teresa, just ignore her and she can happen herself later to deserve it,.I LOVE U MORE SINCE SEASON ONE, I can believe u are stronger woman, don't let anybody turn you down, they just jealous anyway...stay who you are, u have your own beautiful families and friends..but I still happy to you and Dina are still best friends..Keep it up girl and I hope you can get your own show or cooking show..LOVE YOU MORE<3
  • rainbowboyz93@teresagiudice
  • m.llyxing@teresagiudice you have always been my fave from the show
  • nicolettesusi@jamaicandiamondempress ur suck a bitch karma is watching over you
  • laurenbogertAre you guys kiddingme? Your just jealous that gia is drop dead fucking gorgeous. If she wasn't wearing shorts, what else would she wear its fucking summer? Those shorts aren't too Short because you know what that's the style for teens. If you can't get that wrapped around your dumb ass much gtfo Theresa's page. You guys should be worshipping her @jamaicandiamondempress @kay_melendez
  • amylovesshoesI find the outfit a little off putting as well and I'm definitely not jealous. It's one thing just to be strolling along the jersey shore and a whole other thing to be broadcast on Social media. Kids DO dress too grown up and revealing these days.
  • klr0315@teresagiudice idk about that short shirt and short shorts....too young for that attire...idc if that's the style, she's young, older men don't look at it that way...that's kind of attention for a young girl is not okay.
  • livdelrehI have a beautiful 100% German Shepard too! They are the best! Love love love! #teamtre
  • louraluv23She's preety
  • walliedollie#Family #familyfirst
  • lushme_or_leavemeHer shorts r toooo short. Keep little girls little
  • vermontsongbirdLove!
  • mamicheechHer shorts are way too small she already thinks shear grown Teresa put a stop to it before its too late. I seen the episode where you took her shopping for her bday and she picked out the smallest skirts @teresagiudice
  • at_laur3n@teresagiudice I heard she's only 16% German shepherd
  • yum357Not your kid stfup! U all sound stupid.
  • brilomoglioThat's kinda how clothes are made and how there worn. So build a bridge and get over it
  • breezy_m_almightyAnd your mouth is wayyyy to big keep it to your self @mybabieshavemyheart_8
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