Heading to Montana tomorrow; camping along the way. Get ready to do some listening, kids.
  • tshoxenreiderHeading to Montana tomorrow; camping along the way. Get ready to do some listening, kids.

  • carmellarayone@tshoxenreider Seeley Lake, Kalispell!
  • tshoxenreider@radicaljt @carmellarayone would you say Hatchet is kinda scary?
  • makingtheworldcuterDude! Stay home for 5 minutes!
  • trishgeelsWe just got back from our summer road trip. Audio books saved the day! (I think our kids are similar ages.)
  • kristyfranklin73Anxious to hear the opinions about Hatchet. I had that one in mind for my adventure loving 7 year old, but a bit anxious about the content. I'll check back to see opinions. :))
  • tshoxenreider@makingtheworldcuter it's our July. We'll be here the rest of the summer once we're back at the end of the month. 😘
  • ericaengleWe listened to the Great Gatsby with our older kids on the way to Idaho. Love audio books!
  • inspiredtoactionWe read Hatchet and loved it. We just skipped the parts that required too much explanation.
  • inspiredtoactionAnswering your other question about Hatchet. We didn't think it was scary at all. Slightly gross at one point but my super sensitive kids were fine with it.
  • suneecMr poppers penguins was the first chapter book Abe loved.
  • tshoxenreider@inspiredtoaction awesome to know - thanks!
  • aymekemWhere in Montana are you headed? Awesome books btw....our family have enjoyed many audiobooks on our drives from southern California to my brothers lodge in Montana! Never have watched a movie, just great books!!!!
  • caitlinanearHatchet! Loved that one growing up
  • i_am_cakeI once read hatchet out loud on a family road trip driving through Montana. Love that book. And I've also read it to a 7 year old pal of mine, sometimes he gets scarred easily but he enjoyed it and I think it was a great learning experience when I had to explain things he didn't get @tshoxenreider @kristyfranklin73
  • carmellarayone@tshoxenreider I asked my boys if they thought it was scary. They didn't think so, but asked what ages your kids are. Then they thought it may be for little guys. There is a plane crash where the pilot dies right next to the boy. I would mention too that the boys parents are going thru a divorce/affair and there is the pain an confusion of that. It depends on what you/your kids are ready for.
  • tshoxenreider@carmellarayone hmm...we might wait then. My 8-yr-old girl could probably handle that, but not sure my little guys could (5 and 3). I think we'll savor the Paddington Bear stage for this trip. 😉
  • carmellarayone@tshoxenreider you may check out Jungle Jam & Friends - google it for CDs or maybe iTunes? It's a radio show my guys loved when they were younger & it's humorous enough to keep parents from crying
  • hannahdillerThat is our secret to successful car trips as well!
  • heyjtradical@tshoxenreider Hmm I don't remember being afraid. However, I was in 2nd or third grade and I was into those types of books. As for the family stuff, I don't think I had the wherewithal at that age to catch that part of the book
  • liannaolydamWe listened to the hatchet on a road trip when I was young! Hope they love it :)
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