We're getting ready for tonight's show in Rio! This is my view from stage-
  • taylorhansonmusicWe're getting ready for tonight's show in Rio! This is my view from stage-

  • stateofthevineAny chance you'd add a DC stop to your tour? I work for 94.7 fresh fm's sister station but was out the day you guys did an in studio concert! Ive been a super fan for 15 years :)
  • nanda.amarchWas Amazing!
  • silvanareas@taylorhansonmusic you forget Sao Paulo pic... OMG TAYLOOOOOOR!!! 😒😝
  • andressatatydarkTaylor cade a foto do show de Sampa...
  • polianaoliveThe show was just Perfect!!!!!
  • nanda_primo@taylorhansonmusic great show in Rio!!! Thank you so much... Best day in my life for the last 15 years. Please come back soon
  • brusiqueiraaHope see you guys in sp soon!
  • silvanareasLast week I got it why you didn't put Sao Paulo here... That's awesome!!! Love you so much, guys!!! 😍😘😊😝 @taylorhansonmusic
  • silvianettoTay where are the picture of MOE sao paulo? Im anxious.. pleaaaaase thank you
  • rasflowersWonderful...I loved
  • stefaniiebsI just loved the concert!! Come back more times!! ❤❤❤
  • isa_tapCome to Chile ;) it's been almost 2 years already...time flies
  • stephamaltezOh @taylorhansonmusic when u will come Back? Miss u in Rio...
  • acoffoneIt was amazing, but i missed "if only" :( ....... come back soon to play that one hahahhaa
  • about.photographyI was there! Amazing!
  • hevelynchavesBrazil loves u for ever!!! Please come back soon, we miss u guys!! ❤️
  • hevelynchavesPlease, please, please!!! Back to Brazil in 2014!!! I miss u, guys!! Brazil miss u!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
  • marscelaa❤️
  • moscosofeI was there!! Back to Brazil please!!
  • mmachadoguimaMiss u! Please come back! :'(
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