Me and my honey kisses from the beach..
  • teresagiudiceMe and my honey kisses from the beach..

  • rs_noreservationTeresa E Giuseppe bellissima coppia ! #blessing !
  • mish_elle86Cute suit!
  • indicardoso0I love you guys this season. Joe is treating you so well!
  • maria_nicolellaI love your show
  • qtpiethtsallmeYou 2 are great together. Italian men are Wonderful. I miss mine. They treat their women great!
  • pattymeagherOk you must tell me. I am thin. Great butt, arms and legs. What? I do laugh out loud. But my belly looks like budda. To much of your Italian recipes. What? I have to blame someone. :/ ok how do you get sick flat tummy and abs. @teresagiudice I'm dying here.
  • freddyb77No beach where these 2 are gonna be going to be for the next 5-10!!! And that's if they take the plea bargain on the table that they'll only get 5-10!!!
  • taddow14Love ur bathing suit
  • weezie6665When is joe delivering that baby
  • mr.vincent_1Wow fat really ? Please I'd freaking kill to be that juicy
  • mr.gnarJoe how many cycles are you doing this summer you look shredded 😆
  • dearmiliJoe is the perfect Italian man . I love the way he talks and deals with problems. They make me miss my Italian Family .
  • dg2bKisses from jail soon
  • _.elizawile._@dbik144 hehehehehe
  • irishman1230Good pic
  • irishman1230Hey joe if u have any work I am looking ok thanks
  • nawaf_alothmanOmfg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • maamatinaaAbsolutely Gorgeous Tre!!!
  • ericaroccioletti@robertaroccioletti
  • gabriella_giovanni_Best couple ever. U don't put it on display all the time like some others but thats how u know its real.. x
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