Love the concrete roll in !! Always fast and has a good sound , sounds like your bombing a hill in the streets #megacompoundkauai
  • dannywayLove the concrete roll in !! Always fast and has a good sound , sounds like your bombing a hill in the streets #megacompoundkauai

  • plompzak@dannyway you could sample the roll in sound maybe my guess the whrooz-whroeb would sound dope in-dy ears..
  • dannywayCome out @christianhosoi
  • dannywayWhat up Jerry ? Been long time my friend @jerrylayton
  • dannywayThat's sick man!! Hope all is good and your still skating @joshhanson
  • dannywaythank you so much for the feedback ! I'm very humbled that my story had an impact on most of people who have seen it, so it means a lot to read how inspirational it has been for some .. Much respect @jonjon514
  • dannywayI know but I need to stack up many more clips before I feel I would be content with releasing it .. Its quite a process to go through doing this and I always feel so grateful once I have achieved my goal and that I am still capable of doing things that would have anyone's interest . It will be worth the wait . Much respect @j_dub707
  • dannywayWay funny .. Haha double pun @fergbag
  • jimtreeSPEED FREEDOM⚡👊
  • ragingsolodoloLiving the dream @dannyway
  • j_dub707I know it...tryin to be patient haha..looks #epic ! @dannyway
  • skyromanellaThat is one ill drop
  • _.my_name_is_what._He looks up 2 u, he loves u almost as much as me
  • assfaultjunkie69@fishnchips17 check this out
  • manaphotohawaiiThat's bad ass
  • jeremystrayer212Nice ramp
  • andrewsullySkate 3.... Anyone?
  • andrewsully#Hawaiiandream
  • local_designsParadise
  • wescrellYour a legend and inspiration to keep pushing when I have nothing and on one I was looking through who was following me and you where one of them I can't believe it made my day @dannyway
  • mfrazier72Danny- I just watched waiting for lightening for the first time. I've always known how gnarly of a skater you were, and knew how driven you were to be as good as you are. But I gotta tell you, after seeing this movie, I have a completely next level of respect for you. Didn't know your whole story growing up before this, you overcame a lot of shit. Truly inspiring. There is no doubt in my mind who is the gnarliest skater. Hope all is well.....Frazier @dannyway
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