The next 7 episodes will do anything but #TreadLightly. #BreakingBad #BreakingBadLocations #breakingbadfinal8 #allbadthingsmustcometoanend
  • breakingbadlocationsThe next 7 episodes will do anything but #TreadLightly. #BreakingBad #BreakingBadLocations #breakingbadfinal8 #allbadthingsmustcometoanend

  • yeahfuckingniceHe really just needs to get rid of Hank @danperlowitz but the rest sounds pretty good too hahaha
  • was so badass!
  • missdot@r_serrano7
  • a9omys@breakingbadlocations if u go back to the podcast of the last episode in season 5 last year 508 around 27:30 they used the term tread lightly. Vince was "treading lightly" about using the prison scene and the guys in prison because he don't kno much about prison or prison culture and didnt wanna go into something he didbt know about pretty interesting
  • thvtdrew@shawndra21 I agree -- let's see #Heisenberg kill #Hank! #teamwalter #treadlightly
  • thvtdrewI don't know about that @shawndra21 -- #Pinkman has become a big pu$$y lately! Haha
  • whitleyjonathan@shawndra21 the thing you don't understand is that in every great greek tragedy the main character has to die after his fall from innocence. Walter has to die. If he doesn't then his role in the meth business will continue and the story will never end. One way or another Walter must die
  • 4x4truckrI bet the show ends with Walter going to jail and Jessie doing the same or going to jail. It has to end either way.
  • xeno9@andrewcool8 no way Walter is going to jail. The guns in his trunk and his limited life with cancer are signs that he's going down with death. You have nothing to lose when you're going to die either way.
  • iceeskinnydipI'm team Walter but I also feel that hank should get his on Walt, Walt has caused him so much pain and grief, and if you can't see that then your just fucking stupid.
  • iceeskinnydipI'm with @xeno9 Walt has nothing to gain and nothing to lose by going full out, but that's just what Vince Gilligan would want us to think, I think he has something very special in store.
  • vincetographeryou guys suck!!! i'm team Hank!!!
  • chrismonteith50hanks going to have a shoot out with Walt in episode 9 he goes back for the ricin that scene is from the last episode Walt isn't going to use that on anyone but himself right before the gun fight im calling it
  • mamabear1222@theworldaccordingtonate ooohhh son
  • jedtangI hate hank #teamwalt
  • the_josh_mathews@shawndra21 Scarface got killed in the end. you know that, right? Plus, i don't see it possible to still be on Team Walter! Sure, he's awesome, but he is evil.
  • philrod77The will end with Walt going in to witness protection resulting in......Malcolm in the Middle. Have a A-1 Day.
  • st0nerose91#theBOMB
  • jordan0784Vince Gilligan said it is going to be something totally unexpected!! Not one of the popular theories going around the internet is anything close as to what's going to happen.
  • elena_samanthaTread lightly
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