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  • 1plus1plus1One of the ways I help my activity-seeking boy prepare his body for school time.

  • jrohrWhy is he doing that?
  • 1plus1plus1@hearmerohrr it helps him get some energy out before he needs to be still for focused school (which is really hard for him) 😉
  • jrohrThat's a good idea!
  • carolynhomeOh my goodness, my kids would love this!! Helps to get those wiggles out! :)
  • natural_home_learnerWhere did you buy the bean bag?
  • tabithaphilen@hearmerohrr Probably because it's fun and boys have lots of energy to burn off before they can focus. ;)
  • 1plus1plus1@natural_home_learner www.ahhprods.com we did a review for them years ago!
  • 4ever_4givenThat's awesome!
  • adventuresathomeWish we had the bean bag when my 6yr old was doing this. She jumped from a stair, to the exercise trampoline, to the (carpeted) floor, and broke her elbow 😔 Yea, the bean bag looks like way more fun.
  • 1plus1plus1@carajen916 ahhhhh! I cringe even when he does this, but I try to stay calm and allow him the extreme movement he seems to crave. Gymnastics has been a huge blessing, although the first broken bone is gonna kill me! 😳
  • ambergarseeI was literally lol!! i have six boys and can soooo relate!!!
  • wtill120My 2 boys need to do this too before school! Where did you get the small trampoline @1plus1plus1?
  • 1plus1plus1@wtill120 we got it for $30 last year at toys r is on Black Friday, but normally they cost more. They have lots on amazon too.
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