Here's the step-by-step for this week's heat-less curl hairstyle inspired by @lady_dianna: •

1) towel dry hair
2) begin by taking a section and wrap it around your fingers after it is smoothed with a brush 
3) pin with a double prong clip
4) continue sectioning, wrapping, and pinning 
5) this is what your whole head should look like
6) go to sleep! 
7) check to see if hair is completely dry (if it isn't, you MUST wait until it is!) and proceed to remove pins
8) separate curls with your fingers (or gently with a brush)
9) hello Charlie's Angels! • ⚠HELPFUL TIPS ⚠ ➡ I wrapped both sides going AWAY from my face ➡ This hairstyle may not work for curly hair ➡ If some of the sections are not drying, split it in half and re-pin it

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