Hot #pink for hot #yoga. #workout #fitness #Kohls
  • kohlsHot #pink for hot #yoga. #workout #fitness #Kohls

  • styler05Look above, they commented with the Web ID
  • jessicakstrawThe web Id doesn't work
  • tihfunkneeeverything in the picture is #SO brand I believe it's all from@the juniors dept
  • ambvaimaona@bri_watts 😍
  • allisontracyyI got my backpack from @kohls
  • kohlsHey @rdevaughn4! This SO Zebra Racerback bra is fierce! Here's the Web ID: 93564025. Just enter that on!
  • kohlsHey @jessicakstraw! The Web ID for the hoodie above should work. Just enter into the search bar on! Let me know if you need more help!
  • kohlsSounds like you're going #backtoschool in style @alli_cat45!
  • milapullove @kohls
  • ambearbearMaybe I would actually work out if I had this outfit! Love it!
  • kohlsWe're sorry to hear that @beckz0! Is there anything we can help you with?
  • kohlsWe love you too, @milapul!
  • kohlsAs long as your comfortable and confident, you can do anything @ambearbear. Go girl!
  • myapples2how much are the pants
  • liln8vchikNo workout needed, that looks like a comfy lazy day outfit! ♥
  • ramsgirl57Customer Service is terrible..went in looking for hekp on the floor at Arnold Mo. NO One wou ld help my daughter find a brand of shorts she was looking for..I Dont know the brand..but I would tell you we both have cards there..and they will be canceled if this store does not shape up with their guest. They need to be on the floor at all times to help with the customer needs!
  • ramsgirl57*help
  • 8mzbhayvinI would definately wear this outfit..
  • littlezimmI would wear that in winter time
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