Dear Charlie, Congratulations on your 1,000th win! Love, the entire Phillies team
  • philliesDear Charlie, Congratulations on your 1,000th win! Love, the entire Phillies team

  • frank_berrodinA lot of the guys on this base had nothing to do with him getting 1,000 wins but still a cool gesture.
  • jason4tay😃
  • chrischris240Alll fagss lol dodgers are sweep your ass
  • j_flandersWhy would u fire him?????????
  • k.mamba@chrischris240 then get on the dogers page and say it. No one here cares.
  • maogram18Thanks for the memories Charlie... and the titles. You deserve an honorable exit. Not like this. #phillythanksyou #wontforget
  • chandler__gibsonWhy would u fire him? Idiots!
  • camilleboulwareHe did not deserve to be fired!!
  • gracemarian13Charlie, I was at the game tonight and I couldn't help but look down at the dugout. Knowing you weren't there truly broke my heart. Thanks for all the amazing memories, wins, as a manager, and as a team. We will all truly miss you and hope to see you soon. Keep on chewing that gum. Love, Grace and all the Philly fans across Instagram.
  • gracemarian13@vogue_el don't bash our team.
  • rdibernardi81Fire Ruben he is all the blame for this u game me so many great memories as a fan the work series game will forever be my happiest moment u made it that Charlie u deserved better then this
  • chrislrizzoWill miss u charlie
  • denisecsakyI'm heartbroken. We love you, Charlie!
  • jerseygirlinriFire Amaro!!!!!!!!! Charlie was the scapegoat for Raj
  • chris.kelly1000 and that's all you'll get goodbye
  • nccocacolaWe ♥ you Charlie!
  • justtonicekeenanGood luck CHARLIE go PHILLES
  • _izzyyy_11💖
  • shaun_davis000@rayinthe2three this is the worst season ever Howard wasn't 100% and chase and rollins wasn't 100% so that's how we're not good
  • willromano28^^^
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