tokyo eve.  cc: @aliceseve
  • zacharyquintotokyo eve. cc: @aliceseve

  • 1nk2Shanghai love ,plz:D
  • kristalehanyWaaaaai la sonrisa creo jaja @hanserick
  • totobilabonNice colors!
  • kkyualeeSo beautiful!~:)
  • 4b2abdOMG I AM SO UPSET BECAUSE I JUST GOT BACK FROM JAPAN THREE WEEKS AGO!!! And all I did there was watch Heroes and Star Trek omg I'm so lame but aaaarrggg! I saw those vendors everywhere! ZACH! Look for the Star Trek into Darkness Vendors their EVERYWHERE well, everywhere at train stations...and I doubt you are taking a train, but if I don't see those vendors on your instagram I'm going to be upset!(I already am but you get it)
  • 4b2abdAlso post a pic of you in a kimono in the future ;)
  • rogueusagiOne of Japan's major attractions... the vending machines :)
  • manal305She looks like my sister!! Though, my sister is a brunette
  • thevagusgirlHow funny...
  • christinemm08Oh yes! Please kimono pic. How can you go to japan and not take a kimono pic?
  • checkmeoutlynWhy always Alice,where is Chris
  • jeffkawakamiI love Japan!
  • mia_burnsNow I get it! @aliceseve 's mother was in the Nescafé commercials! Pretty cool!
  • katiealenebaby ❤️
  • fannibalistic_sociopathSuch blonde nice food
  • ana_nav_1Coffee is all I need.. :)
  • ___.nothing.___1ewwwwwwwwwww ! tribble
  • julianaaragoneWhere's Chris Pine?
  • veryhappylavI want to meet I am in Okinawa!😄🤘🏻
  • myeyesaregrey49I was very jealous
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