#Oooo #KillEm
  • ambernholcomb#Oooo #KillEm

  • livinglife021Love you amber
  • jaymckinney_I love the pic Ber!!!
  • allisongcastilloYour hashtags. Yesssssssss!
  • enrikeolmosLove you ámber
  • that_girlkylakill em !!! 😂😂👏👏👏😍👌✊
  • mixedbeauty2015@amberai12 My Birthday is on Saturday it would mean a lot if you could contact me in some way on my birthday, It would mean so much to me.
  • luccibreYou cute boo !!!!!
  • denaliihuffYou were great
  • talita_monitaSeeing you tonight was amazing! You killed it! All of you! @amberai12
  • harpo_0305Damn right!
  • tanijahstarlynn1@ashyo27 yup
  • trinishine@amberai12 always look great...
  • fabio_tootI c u doin ya thang lil cuzz stay at it
  • srcluttsWho is she Prego by? @outspokentruth
  • _vedaaaCHICAAAGOOO!!
  • ass______aaaOMG! I loved you on American idol you sing soo B~E~A~U~T~I~F~L 😍😄 @amberai12 And I was wondering could you shout me out? But if not then its okay 😔😁 I jusst love youu ♥ @amberai12
  • anyouletlove your voice !!! you,ll be a great Mommy !! Congrates my Daughter @ her Hubby r expecting my first Grandbaby Sept 18th and its a Girl !! so 2013 is the year for Babies Yay !!
  • valladares478@amberai12 hi
  • kristinelatoyaCongrats beautiful your daughter will have the most beautiful mother in the entire world I hope God bless you,your family,your beautiful daughter and that beautiful voice of yours I Love you and I always will @amberai12
  • reshaunthedonSo I downloaded some of your American idol songs off YouTube and was singly (loudly) to "What are you doing the rest of your life" << long ass title, is that the actual title ? Damn ... But whatever the name is I was singing it with you and since I got it off YouTube it had the judges commentaries and I knew every word 😂😂 it's sooo sad.... "EVERY SINGLE NOTE WAS ON POINT, AND YOU HELD IT LIKE A CLASSY DIVA SHOULD AND YOU ALWAYS GIVING ME YOUNG WHITNEY HOUSTON. I love you *flips hair* (@nickiminaj voice) #memorieswithamber lol
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