Baby shower pic with @rasheedadabosschick @monascottyoung Rasheeda's mom aka motorcycle killer, @phaedraparks & @frost117
  • kandiBaby shower pic with @rasheedadabosschick @monascottyoung Rasheeda's mom aka motorcycle killer, @phaedraparks & @frost117

  • bossmoves_teeits doesn't look as if he is a proud father-to-be at all
  • lady_kay_is that fake phedra..omg where apollo ooh,wit kenya lol sike
  • ra_ma30@mizzii22 looool das exactly what she is, dont mess with her or shell trash ur mode of transport straight lool. Cant wait for reunions part 2
  • laydebuggDb she got bigggg
  • trubeautyspeaksI really need Kirk to stop dressing like a rapping Dalmatian or like he's going thru puberty. Fix ur hat too please....Rasheeda looks pretty though
  • shuggz78Lmfao rapping Dalmatian 😂😂😂 @trubeautyspeaks
  • uno85Damn kirk didn't smile in none of the pics dnt think hes gon to smile tonight either
  • gaye28Why bother taking pic with his ass. Kirk discusses me,I can't stand when married men or women go out their marriage to lay with peasants when they have a Queen or King at home. Marriage is a full time job. To keep it together you have to put work in. I may sound like Momma Dee but it's the damn truth. Kirk You need your ass kick!!!!!
  • nesi2lmao motorcycle killer
  • lenaegHahahah!!!! @ motorcycle killer!! She set that joint on fire! 😂😭😂😭
  • lenaegHahahah!!!! @ motorcycle killer!! She set that joint on fire! 😂😭😂😭
  • hawaiilimeamen 2 that
  • hawaiilimekirk need his ass kick!!!! old snake in the grass n I mean a big black snake!
  • latonya_kEveryone knows he was wrong including him, but that's her husband and sge still loves him that don't go away over night. No woman wants to be in the delivery room with out the father. He's not the first just the way it was done. It was so disrespectful to his wife. I'm sure he feels like an @$$. She's doing what she's suppose to do. Stay strong Rasheeda. Mag God bless you with a healthy baby.
  • msgegeLmao motorcycle killer
  • jjthatsitAnd some ppl think that was not for tv ratings please
  • cielday1She got her team with her, so u know she not playing no games... Look who's standing next to you asshole...
  • mrsdwhite365Lmao @motorcycle killer
  • mickeyboo_mzbehavinKandi ima artist n don't kno how to contact u no other way go to YOUTUBE: MICKEY BOO DROP THAT
  • latifafahq8مو بطن حشا حامل بعشره توائم
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