Road Trip
  • emmyrossumRoad Trip

  • adore_nail_polishLove!!!
  • 7mkenneth@emmyrossum looks like CaLi*
  • capetownjaxStunning pic
  • gustavoventuratoparudeLandscape beauteful.....
  • stacy_shepAlways glad to see your pictures in my feed))
  • danielbasye5Love you emmy
  • richierich_mLove the outdoors. Great scenery!
  • tomthespirithunternmoregr8 photo emmy,hope your having fun!
  • tomthespirithunternmorelooks closely it looks kinda freaky though
  • brettyeagerbitchWish I had the cash to see the world, pictures like this motivated. Constructing skyscrapers across America you get to see the awesome and also the ugly things this country has to offer. Soon enough ill be in the sky's of the Middle East or some of exciting place until philly calls me home lol. Great pic though !!
  • tomthespirithunternmoreis that in nightshot mode infrared
  • natta_90Great pic :-)
  • tomthespirithunternmoreHi Emmy,hope your having a gr8 week so far. Have a gr8 night tonight n a gr8ter tomorrow as well!Namaste.
  • lea_missYou've inspired me to be a better me... Even shameless has, I'm a single mom and struggle everyday but it makes it that much better! And seein you with your "cast family" makes me see that you always have to be strong, even when you think u can't be anymore. .. You're stunning beauty is captivating, and the good that you do is inspiring. Keep doing what you're doing, and thank you for everything! @emmyrossum
  • king.george_3Please respond to this comment!! I admire you sooo much and would do anything to meet you. You're so inspiring and so beautiful inside and out. Your charming, graceful, and basically everything a human being should be @emmyrossum Please respond!!
  • tomthespirithunternmoreWow Emmy i also admire u n would luv ta meet
  • tomthespirithunternmorebut your. probaly busy,have a gr8 night!Namaste.
  • lulufulu85Colorado?
  • vanessacordobaBeautiful
  • krtnycMet you at SxSW. You're awesome.
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