Making gougères this morning
  • davidlebovitzMaking gougères this morning

  • davidlebovitz(Recipe on my blog)
  • bitesforfoodiesHave tried to make these so many times...unsuccessfully!
  • tracyvalentinawoodIf they are well made, they are sublime! Enjoy.
  • lastminuteluyour recipe is a crowd pleaser and an oft-requested addition to party menus! will try with additional sprinkling of cheese next time...yum!
  • mountainstirrerJust been given a recipe from a winemaker friend so shall compare with yours!
  • julie_miguel_What are those exactly @davidlebovitz
  • m1n3rva_sf@bhunns
  • misstdjOf course you now have to preemptively state "recipe on my blog". Of course someone will inevitably ask about it anyways. #sigh
  • thebelleisabelle@misstdj hahaha! @littlemisssunshine1122 Savory bites made from pâte à chou
  • r_borroYumm! I'll have to try your recipe, I've made the French Laundry version with gruyere a few times and I love it. Reminds me of the beloved Brazilian "pão de queijo" (cheese bread).
  • tara_zaI just pinned your recipe this morning after reading about your weekend! #itsasign
  • minoubartonHow alike your gougeres and leaves pictures are!
  • sastierThanks. I made these yesterday - my first success with pâte à choux. Delicious. That makes three of your recipes I have made, and each has been spot on!
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