Beautiful day at the beach with the family.Xx
  • teresagiudiceBeautiful day at the beach with the family.Xx

  • janetamaroThe negative comments are only put on here for the people who need attention & want to upset everyone!! Theresa pay no attention !!
  • kaipolani72Maybe the MANY negative comments are trying to open her eyes. Children shouldn't dress so provocative. Bikini ok...string bikini, and strapless...too much. It makes them look older than they are, and creepy old men can take advantage. It's just a protective factor. Look what happened to Hannah from San Diego!!!!!!
  • natalia_theresaBeautiful family Tre and Joe :)
  • meemssssThere must be other kids out in the world wearing similar types of bathing suits would you voice your opinion to their parents if was on Instagram? Or does everyone only have something to say because T is often on the chopping block and you feel that that justifies it? Just wondering
  • mommaeatsnshop103Nice family pic
  • cgeorgatossooo cute sending my best wishes to you and your family
  • cuban_linq#loveit #happiness 🌸💕
  • sarahloubartEnough with the posing!!
  • dawnmarien01Beautiful family haters get lost!
  • wakeup_sheepJust because someone criticizes a swimsuit it doesn't mean they are trying to get in on anyone's situation. I like them, but I still don't think they or ANYONE should dress little kids in such revealing clothes. It's called an opinion. Do you think they really care anyway?
  • chartrandtinaIts strange that after the indictment suddenly she started posting all these family pictures. Its all about appearances with this one.
  • mseiferheld9Ok people my bible says "let the one with no sin cast the first stone..."just as I thought ,remember you too will be held responsible with the same measure you jug he others you too will be judged ,,so I suggest you stop
  • chartrandtinaSetiously @mseiferheld9 you can't behave the way you do and put yourself out there publicly and not expect others to commrnt on it. Its not judegment babe it freedom of speech. And aren't you judging us for "judging" her??? Hypocrisy! !!!
  • sylviebroganHow many kids do u have @teresagiudice
  • sonjamcgriffMaybe they are trying to have some semblance of normalcy in their lives
  • drowningpoet4 @sylvie2415
  • sudaniirajaWow you have beautiful children
  • m_cabrera4Your daughters are soo beautiful GBTA
  • armenia_alexLovely family!
  • fka_pcakes@chartrandtina so b/c you're on a show you can't have privacy? And b/c your having legal issues you can't go on vacation w/ your children to try to give them a normal childhood. Regardless of what the father has done those kids deserve to make good memories outside of a reality show.
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