#garagesalefinds #coke #Tonka #red #yellow #white #crates #vintage #love my fun finds this weekend!  Did you garage sale?
  • junkflirt#garagesalefinds #coke #Tonka #red #yellow #white #crates #vintage #love my fun finds this weekend! Did you garage sale?

  • junkflirt#fleamarkethaul
  • countrylivingmagHI Shannon -- what do you plan to do with these finds? Any tips for finding great stuff at garage sales? (You're such a pro!)
  • junkflirt@countrylivingmag I have crates as displays, including one in my bathroom that hold vintage medicines. The truck is currently holding a pumpkin in the bed. this winter I plan on using it in a display surrounded by small trees, with one tree in the bed to create a vignette that looks like the family went out to cut down their Christmas tree. My garage sale tips...1. go early 2. be friendly, chat with people, smile, no one want to sell or bargain with a grouch! 3. bundle, the more you buy the more the seller will want to bargain 4. I scan the entire sale first, passing over items and tables, then I zero in on the area I like best. Scoop up your treasures first then slow down and take in the rest of the sale.
  • countrylivingmagThank you! We added your tips to our #fleamarkethaul blog today -- enjoy and please share! http://www.countryliving.com/antiques/shops-and-shows/flea-market-haul-shannon-olson-tonka-truck
  • junkflirt@countrylivingmag thank you so much. I appreciate you and your fantastic magazine!
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