These two.
  • herbadmotherThese two.

  • alliworthingtonYes. So much yes.
  • ithrowtpSo cute! This was Finn's Halloween costume from last year. He's still obsessed with it!😊 @howtobeadad
  • howtobeadad@herbadmother you should look up a woman named "Christmas Abbott." She's the first female NASCAR pit crew. She's a sweetheart and intimidatingly in good shape. I met her on the @krisjennershow.
  • herbadmother@howtobeadad this is Emilia's new obsession: race cars. have mixed feelings, but AWESOME tip about Christmas, thank you :)
  • herbadmother@ithrowtp Emilia desperately wanted Jasper to get one, too, so that they could be a race car duo. He was having none of it. Maybe we should connect her with Finn :)
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