With my baby down the shore ❤❤❤
  • snookiWith my baby down the shore ❤❤❤

  • sarajeanieeIt's definitely giannis kid. He's adorable!!
  • mommytoalexdavey@snookinic he looks just like youuu!
  • teslahashHAPPY BIRTHDAY LERENZO!! <3
  • sarah_boo_justHes so cute.
  • eliacstHe looks like Jionny!:O
  • officialshamoeHe is cute just like you !
  • gyoo_mOh so cute ^^
  • maggiemariiiahh your so beautiful :))
  • leezzaahSnookis baby @aline_niz
  • destiny.bruce_He looks like Jionni @snookinic
  • amandamansuetoSnooks my name is Amanda , my boyfriend of 8 years name is Lorenzo, our first son is named Ezhekial and when i got pregnant w our second i named him Gianni- I got the name f ur man on the shore, then I saw u named ur son Lorenzo! Very cute:)
  • nanseeluvzu_Soooo precious 😚
  • mariayacoubmalki❤❤❤❤
  • garcialcathyLove this picture
  • mandyd1989Hey @snookinic how do you manage to juggle your crazy, demanding career and still being such a great mommy? Do you ever feel bad for leaving for work? I'm a mom to a 7 month old, and every time I go to work I feel so bad for leaving him, and I envy my friends who can be stay at home mommies who are with their children 24/7. It makes me feel bad that I cant be there 24/7. Do you ever feel the same way? How do you cheer yourself up? Your such a great role model.
  • emarieb3Bella!!
  • emmettsmommyyyHe has your eyes @snookinic 😍😍
  • crissseeeSoooo cute
  • erikitaceeHey Snooki!!! I never once watched Jersey Shore I really wasnt a fan. But Ive got to tell you, Ive grown to love you. Your new lifestyle is inspiring and amazing! Not to mention your transformation into such a great mommy and gorgeous woman. If you read this I just wanted to say keep it up!! You are such a powerful role model like you have no idea!! Much love to you and your baby boy xoxo ps. I love your tanning lotion!
  • xxemlxxShe looks sick @nplyte
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