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  • tillysOut here in Skokie, IL with @tmills and @officialbreathecarolina. The @yngandreckless suitcase, full of cash is here as well being heavily guarded by #tmills. Make sure to #spendreckless and sign up at tillys.com for a chance to win the $35.000!!! #tillys #grandopening #youngandreckless

  • nostalgia_773@tillys I worked it was dopeeee
  • paaakkoooI just entered my info hopefully I WIN :D @tillys
  • palmy_gerstelOhh
  • sanndra2I jus signed up. Fingers & toes crossed!!! I'd use the money to sponsor myself with #IMTA and put money towards medical school. #spendreckless
  • takeoversillyd@st0nehands_ lol we made the cut
  • lcg_xoI see myself. 😁❤
  • nadyaamarieeeI was there yesterday😊
  • sophieregisterHey I have a question well I saw the other day when I was looking around in your store I saw penny boards !! And I was so excited I told my mom and she said we will go back soon to get it so I'm exited but I have a question well do u guys have more color because I didn't like the ones that were displayed and if u have more colors thanks please respond thanks .
  • sayitlikeitsspelled_tar_aI need that money to pay off these bills....not reckless but important AND buy a new car because mine is on its last leg....cough cough...flat line______________(true story) lol #spendreckless
  • mskisses82I would pay off all of my medical bills & purchase new car since i sold my old one to pay on a medical bill. Pay my dads car off & with whatever's remaining put up for my sons college money #spendreckless
  • daughterofaking11981I would pay off my bills with the $10,000 and take a trip to California's Disney World with my family.And shop at the malls there #SPENDRECKLESS
  • sun_z#spendreckless would be great to take care of my family. Oldest of 7.. One autistic brother and one mentally disabled sister..mom and grandparents have medical conditions as well.
  • mrsherron33^^^^^^Forgot to add #spendreckless ^^^^^
  • myianaraimyianarai#spendreckless I would fly to La and go straight to Rodeo Dr. First stop Gucci and buy my Gucci neon sneakers both pair that ive been dying to have with 2 new purses and 2 pairs of heels to match and 3 new sexy fits. Then I would go to Jimmy Choo to buy 2 more pairs of heels. After that I would go to the closest car dealer ship and pick out 2 cars and put money down on it, drive one off the lot then I will find a way to get in contact with Xzibit meet him and have him pimp it out for me then get it shipped to my place of residence. Ill head back to the dealership get the other car. After that ill find a way to contact a well known producer, buy a beat and studio time and record a song. After that ill go bungee jump off a bridge, then ill go find the dopest tattoo artist and get a tattoo cover up and 1 huge tattoo on the side of my body from my rib to my hip. After that ill of course get some @yngandreckless gear and go buy 2 women's Rolexes. After that ill go sailing and then ask some random person to go sky dive with me after that im on a plane to Vegas hit up Michael Kors and buy yet 2 more purses and heels after that ill take a tour then go zip lining, do the CSI Experience, go to the shooting range, speed car racing, dune buggy ride in the desert and take a helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon after that im to the Palms pool party then later to Tao in the VIP section and get white girl wasted! Yes! #spendreckless
  • merkinalldayI would save it for the more important stuff like school and a new car I really need that and bank the rest I wouldn't go crazy but I would buy my girlfriend clothes though.
  • angelodevinciI would have fun
  • mzbabybangI would create a non profit. Org.for the kids in my Hood less fortune, far as football team,cheerleader, basketball tournaments,back yo school uniforms, school Supplies,groceries for families who are not eating rite,it takes a village to raise a child so me being the queen I would give it to my community to teach the next generation always give back,they are the future leaders, they have to learn to bless your people and watch how you can bring change one person at a time,if u teach love to the baby's young. My charity is babybangbabys#tillys#yngandreckless
  • indyflowerss__#spendreckless I would give some to my mom,go on a shopping spree, and save the rest
  • lil_leprechaun88I could def spend 35000 on a wardrobe for my household! ;D
  • guerra_cc#spendreckless I would spend some on my family and then me ❤🙏
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