Tap video for sound
  • dooceShe cut out all the fancy parts

  • 0utstandingMan she is CUTE
  • sabrinaesMy daughter is attached to that dog! Ikea
  • angela_f_millerHa!!
  • xela801This cracked me up! Thank you @dooce!
  • heatherbarmoreI watched this, said, "oh shit" and laughed and then watched again. And laughed again.
  • nbeyer031102Ikea dog! Our daughter sleeps with it every. Single. Night. Also-Marlo is my hero
  • likearadioShe is impossible not to adore.
  • heraceintheholeWhy do I not get this @dooce ?? Seriously.
  • xsmith5Yeah @heatherbarmore I watched it 3 x's. it cracks me up!
  • sabrinailesLove the "umph" sound. Hahahaha
  • mt4instaShe is getting tall! When she starts calling you 'tramp'...I'll know the real reason mama trampoline!
  • bushraargh, how is it she hasn't run away and joined the circus yet?
  • lynn1816oh my!!! LOL I ❤ this kid SO MUCH!!😂
  • staciteeThe much loved Ikea dog is called Bubble Puppy at our house.
  • kristinec55Those #dimples get me every time. Thank you @dooce for sharing your beautiful girl with us.
  • melissapondI have three funny girls, but that made me laugh out loud and keep giggling. My 4 year old tackles me too... Why do they like that!?!
  • jcmilesMy daughter & I just laughed so hard watching this...
  • tascha_r@millaram That's so funny, the kids I babysit are obsessed with Bubble Guppies & Bubble Puppy!
  • kisinlahaha!
  • hi.imcelenaHAHAHAHA!!!!!! The "ooo!!" At the end is what makes it so fantastic
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