lilac returns. (with stitch gift) #1000doilies
  • lisasolomonlilac returns. (with stitch gift) #1000doilies

  • baamekniitsBeautiful!
  • elf_girlsweet! I admit I'm avoiding mine because I'm scared to sew in the tails... I'm not confident that I know how to do it the right way.
  • foxslane@elf_girl me tooo!!! I'm so relieved to hear u say that (read), I was sure I was the last. xxxx
  • lisasolomon@elf_girl @foxslane so funny to think of the 2 of you amazing women nervous about anything :). you can leave them if you want. I just weave them back in (on the backside) for like 1/2 inch /1 cm and the cut
  • petalplumLisa - I'm thinking the same as you about @foxslane and @elf_girl :: you can totally do it girls!! I'm sure I did mine wrong, but I guessed (hoped) no-ones going to notice out of 1000....
  • foxslane@petalplum I posted mine on Friday. I thought I was the last one so I just did my best, and posted them. Hope they are ok. xx
  • petalplum@foxslane I'm sure they'll be beautiful. xx
  • lisasolomon@petalplum @foxslane still laughing here. I'm sure neither of you did anything wrong !! can't wait. xoxo
  • hannahrayHi Lisa! Would love to speak to you about #1000doilies. Could you email me on
  • lisasolomon@hannahrw hi ! of course ! just did and lovely to meet you !
  • hannahrayGreat to be in touch 😉
  • hannahraySee :)
  • lisasolomon@hannahrw thanks Hannah !!! xo
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