OFFICIAL: Lakers sign three-year NBA vet forward Wes Johnson.
  • lakersOFFICIAL: Lakers sign three-year NBA vet forward Wes Johnson.

  • basjanblvdphoenix suns @drewcuh
  • mr_pinkston1Let's go SU! Lol
  • ice_24Nice addition
  • ima_fuckboii_jrI wouldnt mind brook lopez, zack randolph, or rudy gay showing up in a lakers jersey
  • ima_fuckboii_jrLakers need a starting rebounder, dont think kaman will be the best
  • j.smooth11@kid_rotol agreed kobe is better then KD but KD is younger and a great scorer
  • adhamabdalHave you ever seen kobe's highlights. There are 3s that MJ never did. Not saying Kobe is better than MJ but he's a legend that's better KD and LBJ he's already down in the book a G. O. A. T @_velocistar237
  • ammiliondollas@est_august19 agreed😐
  • xbox824chris bosh? lolololol
  • pvixious140brimWord up @est_august19
  • realratedr@lilbeastpina your stupid for even saying ibaka or bynums name
  • benjaminpinaaaUr an idiot. First of all ibaka always shows up. He puts up 15 or more points a night, 9 to 10 rebounds, n two blocks! EVERY NIGHT, very few times he doesnt. @realratdr bynum just a few years ago was considered the best/second best big man in the nba…
  • reignman404040@lilbeastpina ibaka cant make point his own skill almost pts by assist but bynum can make his own skill set thats different of them
  • ahhh786A top 5 pick
  • wbk1017Wow poor kobe poor dirk they need more help kobe needs to leave L.A AND JOIN L.A clippers or sumthing DIRK needs to go to New York Knicks or pacers 4 cheap to they can have 1 last chance at a ring
  • wbk1017This is a joke
  • nj2oak_chizRetards.....they only need a roster for this year.....they going after the free agents for the 14-15 yr
  • nj2oak_chiz#Lakers4life
  • wtw_61#tb
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