Great event! Had a blast! #NowLetsGetFit with @KerryRhodes
  • karina_smirnoffGreat event! Had a blast! #NowLetsGetFit with @KerryRhodes

  • maddie.jrJust saying, your my favorite pro on dwts, ur such an amazing dancer, I dance too and your one of my biggest inspirations!
  • aliciavanessaaAweaomee
  • isaac_okellyI know you probably won't read this, but you're really and inspiration to me and now I dance all the time. I even wrote a dance about the story of King Arthur (nerdy, I know) and I always pictured you as Morgana because you're just so amazing, Ms. Smirnoff
  • kmcdaniel823You are so incredible Karina!!! Such an inspiration! @karina_smirnoff
  • robynherringauNot sure if you even read your comments, but wanted to say my daughter Evynne (pictured with you top left) LOVED meeting you! It has been a dream of hers for several years now! Thx for caring enough to do an event like this and for being so sweet to the kids you meet! It matters!
  • marissaross18I wanna meet u again @karina_smirnoff
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