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  • shereefletcher#hollywoodexes #accesshollywood

  • shereefletcher@ubrittentine that ain't right! She couldn't make it
  • colette_renee@shereefletcher you ladies look stunning. Good for you taking up for Drea! Love the show and all of you.
  • uptroseWhere's @DreaKelly???
  • uptroseWhere's @DreaKelly???
  • chefmama05Drea is in Chicago @maytejannell answered that question.
  • mzladybella25U ladies look so nice n professional nd beautyful
  • mzladybella25@karma10x its not she misunderstood its the way she says things without havin a filter she says things that rubs people the wrong way thats wat dey dont like her passive aggressiveness to things if she keep on she go say sum to the wrong person they go either treat her or sum tears go be shed ik they get tired if her well thats just jessica its wearin thin on them which is understandable
  • mzladybella25@karma10x her ig is jessicacanseco
  • mzladybella25@karma10x maybe its she delivers her statements to people she comes off as condescending like that comment she on twitter abt drea and drea felt offended im not sayin she malicious either its just how she says things and it rub the ladies the wrong i understand she comin frm a good place its just her delivery on things as i stated before she say that to wrong she gon get treated ik thats they girl and everything but sumtimes u have to put ur girl in check and thats wat they b doin it ok sometimes wen she wit them but she around others Mayte said it best it comes off as nonchalant thats wat i mean ik jessica be comin from a good place but its how she delivers it maybe she should change her approach on how she says things then they feel she being mean or malicious
  • mzladybella25How sorry typo
  • mzladybella25Not
  • jynaiiWhere is @daphnewayansway awwwww I love her she so awesome well all of you beautiful women are :)
  • daphnewayansway@karma10x @im_tew_turnt_up23 nonetheless we love, love, love @jessicacanseco she really does mean well, and let's face it- we all have some area of life where we're not the best or most perfect. Hopefully we are all as fortunate as Jess to have friends that love us through it. You guys are awesome for noting that! 😘
  • daphnewayansway@jynaii don't they all just exude beauty?!?!!!! And to know them.... The beauty you see is just what pours from within! #crewlove
  • mzladybella25Thanks @daphnewayansway im glad u noted that and like u said all have areas we need to work on i love Jessica as well and ik she be comin frm a good place its just sone of the things she says makes me want to shake but im glad u ladies can sit and have a convo with her weather she choose to accept it or not its good u all can come together and still be classy abd sophisticated ladies and remaun friends @daphnewayansway i luv u on the show i hate u have apperances u need to be a regular on the show u balance the ladies out so well cuz u all been thru the same thing i luv u all my inspirations i <3 u ladies
  • mzladybella25Remain sorry typo
  • dutchessbycousin#Gorgeous
  • pretty_grlz_rocLovely ladies!!!
  • windupgurlWhere was Andrea?
  • jmt274Love the ladies but Sheree likes to stir up drama. Keep praying @ church
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