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  • hondaNot everyone drives a #Honda, so not everyone loves their #car. We're responding to #wantnewcar on Twitter today. Check it out! www.twitter.com/#wantnewcar

  • ben.gordonnOMG @honda I am your biggest fan I love you guys!
  • drive_sideways@honda i love ur cars esp civics for there #tuneability the em1 coupe is awesome but ur starting to die off from what the si is a high revving blast to drive i hav ideas and plenty of them
  • mrralphnmn@honda Bought my Accord brand new in 2006, honestly, still drives like a new car. #realiable #HondaForLife Cant wait to see next years #Odyssey line.
  • drive_sideways@elnegrochino 8500 rpm cutoff k24 and tune it to 240 hp. Keep the n/a heritage that honda is famous for and hit 60 in under 6 seconds. If they cud make a 2.0 from the s2k hav 240 hp a 2.4 should b easier, plus more torque bcuz of larger displacement. Easily get over 180 lb ft so hav decent low end yet high revving so excellent top end. Plus improvements to the chassis so less body lean.
  • w0nd3rw0man809I ♥ My HONDA!!! Odyssey & Honda Shadow ( motorcycle)
  • monica_from_texasMy boyfriend has had a #Honda since 2006. His first car wad the 2006 HCH II. The he got a 2006 Accord EX-L. My first car was a 2011 Insight. We've since then traded in both cars and now own a 2012 HCH III and a 2013 Accord EX. And on top of all this he now works at the Honda dealership in our city. So much Honda love in our family!
  • w0nd3rw0man809Dear #HONDA I been patiently waiting since 2005 4 u guys to please change the body style on the #Ridgeline Uughhh I just don't like it :( I ♥ trucks but won't buy the Ridgeline until the body changes. #HONDAFAMILY 2nd generation Honda is part of our DNA Cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators, & of course dirtbikes, u find them all in our family. ♥
  • cdex2I Love all my Hondas 2004 Civic, 2013 Accord EX and 2013 Honda CBR 1000. Yea that's right is said CBR 1000
  • juansv80#bringbacktheprelude
  • juansv80How long till you bring back the #prelude
  • 5speedludeShould bring back yhe prelude using the from end of the 4th gen and the rear of the 5th gen and blend them. Would be awesome. I plan to create it one day myself.
  • jgilpin89You need a belt!!
  • shelbywoobbyI cannot wait til I get my new #Honda! This #Accord has been such a great car to me. #myhonda #mybbyhonda
  • melkywiratamaKeren..
  • juansv80@5speedlude and add 3rd gens 4WS and 5th gens SH
  • 5speedlude@juansv80 well yea those would be great to add but I was just focusing o the visual. But yea 4ws & Sh would be badass
  • suliman_almuwailHonda 👍
  • jrtsouf82eastHis commercial is sooo funny.....
  • 1234fg2246Hahaa
  • shauniyah_6Hzhxihkhx
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