@9fivers BLACKOUT coming soon. @hollazack @kellensm4l @larellegray
  • joshkalis@9fivers BLACKOUT coming soon. @hollazack @kellensm4l @larellegray

  • timmytreesFire ass pic @dgkalis
  • homesufian@apitkilmister
  • tobyjosefNice photo man. I love ur skating
  • rudycwbdgkalis :) rspct
  • collares_victorNice 👌
  • dpensylSick ass flick.
  • larellegray👊
  • kellenjames1😎👌
  • carlosantwuan@dgkalis it impacted me more in a positive way when we had a discussion about Anxiety. We agreed that it seemed at once to control our lives and in our skating in reference to where were, traveling and going far from home. I cant remember if you had told me how you eventually overcame it. I had treated myself and I seemed to have been cured for a year but suddenly it has struck again and its become just as serious as it once was before. How did you find the strength to grow passed it or how did you treat such an inconvenient problem?
  • joshkalis@caramelface I over came it. It's really yourself that creates it. Learn to except it and know it will pass. There are tools you can use. Send me a Facebook message and I'll explain more in detail.
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