NYC bound! #threegenerationsofromos #thatswhatsup
  • sergioromo54NYC bound! #threegenerationsofromos #thatswhatsup

  • gentorrezBrawley fans will be watching! Have fun Romo men!
  • s_i_love0814Congrat.
  • gloriaaguYay!!!
  • sfgiantsgirl559Serio gunna "DO WORK" :))))
  • cheezbreez@sergioromo54 Good Morning Habibi! I'm the girl from twitter you twittered back a couple weeks ago because I'm sick. The pain I'm in is very vicious and extremely painful. I feel like I'm living a nightmare. Getting treatment has been rough. I don't have health insurance nor do I have money because I'm to sick to work. My obgyn says it's a emergency I have surgery but she can't do it because im not insured. My obgyn is fighting for me to get Social Security Disability, but the fear is being denied and the wait alone is murderous. :( I'm scared and just am exhausted from the pain. I don't wanna be in pain anymore. I just wanna be a normal 25 year old woman. I wanna start living my dreams and goals. I am a singer and music is the only thing that heals me and gets me through my days. Your love and support has also helped me through this nightmare. People like you help to make me see a light at the end of this dark painful tunnel. Thank you for being supportive, thank you for helping me believe. My biggest wish is just to meet you and give you the biggest hug. Trust me if I had money id come to a Giant's game just to wait outside until you where finished just to get my wish! I love you Sergio and I hope God keeps blessing you and your family! XoXoXo XoXoXo XoXoXo <3 <3 <3 your fan Brianna aka ChEeZy {^_^}
  • d_lo_cst3llonCONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ROMO!! You very much well earned your spot & when I found out u were goin, I was like "THAT'S WHAT'S UP, YOU GO ROMO!!" NOW GO OUT THEIR & ROCK NYC & SHOW ALL THEM AMERICAN LEAGUE ALL-STARS PITCHERS WHAT'S UP!!" =] I'll be back here in Stockton, CALI, REPRESENTING my orange ROMO W.S. jersey!!! Have a great time & enjoy every moment while standing on that mound in NYC representing your S.F. patch!! ;)
  • head51Congrats roomy @sergioromo54
  • hello_mandy@sergioromo54 my sis is a bigg fan and she went to sf to one of your games recently against the dodgers her and her family had duggout seats and got autographs and pictures but who they really wanted to see and say at least hi to was you .. but they said that when u came out they were calling out your name so did other fans but u just kept your head down and wouldnt look at any one or at least wave or say hi to the fanns :/ my sis and her famm were hella dissapointed especially my 8 year old nephew he had a party and the whole theme was Giant he even got a Romo pinata that my cousin broight from baja cal. ... calexico :/ hopefully nxt time they see you they can gt a picture or autograph ..mabey u were just not in the mood that day well were still giants fans always will be ... good jobb @sergioromo54
  • hello_mandy@monica_moreno_lv
  • marycuevassLove romo's family
  • sydneysugarsYou waved at me when I looked at you in the bullpen at the last Padres/Giants game :-) made my day, along with the Brandon Crawford autograph. Thank you so much Mr. Romo.
  • _dri01Way to go Sergio, Brawley is all behind you! #BrawleyPride #We'reAllProudOfYou #KeepDoin'BigThings :) @sergioromo54
  • michellelozintoCuties! Look out NY 
  • hectorperea12StrikeForce ! Saludooooos a Frank, hace poco fui a comer con tu broo! acabandose su game, @sergioromo54 Do work brooo! enjoy it!
  • justin_hurney55That's whats up
  • dekeyserfan65I sent you a letter with a baseball card of you. Could you pleeeeaaase sign it and put it back in the envelope I put in it already ready to go.
  • bennett_025Dos Austin have a instgram
  • ey.its.taniaNo suegro @sergioromo54 lol
  • lovebunny_17That's cute
  • dee_gee_one@__evania true,he doesnt look fresh...haha
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