Coach provides his perception of the #Knicks #NBASummerLeague squad as they trail the Wizards 46-45 with 6:12 left in 3Q.
  • nyknicksCoach provides his perception of the #Knicks #NBASummerLeague squad as they trail the Wizards 46-45 with 6:12 left in 3Q.

  • animaroff@kalen_m_williams all I gotta say is enjoy never getting past second round
  • jhonschke^Fact and you do realize stat wise the Lakers had the best team but they had no chemistry... If you don't build chemistry you won't win shit
  • sweeeeeeetlou@animaroff your an idiot if u think the nets will be better than the Knicks... They gave up 3yrs worth of first round draft picks for 3 OLD players. If u didnt see by the Celtic knick series that Paul pierce and kg are running out of gas then you are an idiot.
  • sweeeeeeetlou@animaroff Knicks all day pussy.
  • jhonschke@animaroff Yo where's the snappy come back?
  • shamxgod_So how many championships have the nets won.... oh ok thought so @animaroff
  • macy_benincosa77The Knicks suck!
  • ryansewall1We need David Lee!!
  • manii.thtpmfYa all corny ma nigga it's Knicks ALL DAY !!!!! get it right #knickstapee
  • jjaystaLETS GO KNICKS!!!!!
  • ny1romeoWhen the nets lost the first round to a bulls with there 3 main players on the bench hirt not including rose and they lost to Nate Robinson, where were u @animaroff u were the quiet irrelevant clown u are now ps I'm from bk. that is an always be a Knicks borough #bushwickbitch!!!!
  • ny1romeoWhat bench do the nets have??? Ak47??? Lmfao can't be a smart person. Left 10 mill in min to sign a 1.5 mill deal in bk. lmfao #retard
  • kristenngHahaha Woodson looks pissed
  • lukefahy23Knicks win
  • laurzee_will knicks win championships????????????????????????????????
  • melo7knickyes
  • jackson_brady3Heck no
  • 6vinesfamSign MWP re-sign KMART Sign NATE ROBINSON
  • nickespo26@nyknicks GET MORE ALL STARS. U NEED SUPERSTARS
  • brod721Yes they will win a championship
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