Propofol on my shoes after a long 24 hours in the hospital
  • kristinabralyPropofol on my shoes after a long 24 hours in the hospital

  • carolina_gingerLove some Propofol! Too bad it's on your danskos...hope you get some sleep.
  • happydallyOh my. I wore my danskos twice and turned my ankle. They've been sitting pristinely in the closest all sad ever since. lol
  • kristinabraly@pinktexn Michael Jackson was taking it inappropriately. The only time one should have propofol injected is under the direct supervision of an Anesthesiologist, ER, or Critical Care physician!
  • lynbaccaI seriously have so much respect for you. I'm studying to be a nurse and I just find it so refreshing that you are a hard working normal chick like the rest of us. Sometimes it's frustrating seeing bloggers post about trivial things and making their life seem like all they do is shop for flowers and eat macaroons. But life isn't always that glamorous. Sometimes we do get propofol on our dansko's ;) Keep up the amazing work! I inspire to be like you, and be able to balance my love for fashion and beauty while being a nurse. xoxo
  • angelhowlettW O W you go girl. And @lynbacca Preach on. You are both major inspirations & I second what you said. I've said it before, @prettyshinysparkly - your drive & ambition is majorly admirable and chic!
  • hilarydowward@prettyshinysparkly - I love what @lynbacca said. This is actually the top reason I come back to your posts time and time again. I'm in a doctoral program for administration and feel tht same frustration with trivial posting....[lots of thoughts/long speech] my soapbox...and ta-da...well done Doc!
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