Prayers to the Martin family. #TrayvonMartin will forever live in the heart of @thefyfl!!! #JusticeForTrayvon
  • official_floPrayers to the Martin family. #TrayvonMartin will forever live in the heart of @thefyfl!!! #JusticeForTrayvon

  • mattymoola215so he wasnt nice cuz he had weed in his system?wtf is wrong with ppl. its not like he was doped or cracked out..fuckin idiot @austin
  • jennah.smithZimmerman was attacked
  • naturlista_305@official_flo ♥RIP BRAVE HEART♥
  • elitistsilkleave it up to u crackers to say sum bullshit .....@mattymoola1 i agree with u
  • 79_cutlass_leeThe Good die Young..
  • vmfulghum85The good die young? Shit he was a lil thug. Posting a sweet pic. What bout the pics of him with his middle finger up. Smoking weed. Having weapons. The Good won. Its not even a race thing. Sad he died but self defense is self defense.
  • alex.dez17@elitistsilk that's uncalled for you think it's racist that he was found not guilty and you're here using racial slurs, grow up
  • elitistsilkniggA
  • elitistsilkplease .... of all the ignorant comments ur punk ass decides to pick at mines?... ur here acting blind , Please open ur fuckin eyes ... punk @alex_hernande217
  • alex.dez17It's not just you, lots of others but acting the way you are shows that YOU are ignorant, by the way once in a while you could proper grammar @elitistsilk
  • elitistsilk@alex_hernande217 holla at me when u got the green card.... til then peace
  • boezrywho?
  • rcliffo7No ones a politician. Evidence is evidence and that's just the world we live in.
  • mac_zinniaYo bitches be tellin others to use proper grammer when they don't use it properly themselves...for once,put yourself in da shoes of da martin family...*IT HURT A LOT*
  • big_sugadaddyLet go & let God!!!
  • debrajoye🙏🙏🙏🙏✨✨✨✨✨
  • antonio9nica@official_flo yo flo you want to keep trey memories alive? How about a benefit concert with all proceeds go his family you can get local artists to perform show america Florida supports our own.
  • elitistsilk@zinaosei my dear please don't mind this useless duck.... if it was his own family now he wouldn't have the audacity to even talk.... goat mcheww
  • quietstorm38Jennahsmith girl shut the bs up weak minded female. I wish it was yours so you can see the difference.
  • kittyworldstarRip
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