Happy Saturday night!
  • melissagorgaHappy Saturday night!

  • icanonlybemepytHahha yes , get her ass ! You took the words right out my mouth! @michelle_elizabethh
  • shoesandbeachesSneaky and manipulative witch that does whatever it takes to keep her husband from his sister. What a stupid husband too...
  • leareichenbach1Love you guys!!! You have a great marriage! Theresa is a totally Looney bin and needs some help!
  • vernicewareh@michellee_elizabethh you've seen the whole season already ?? OMG you must work for Bravo. Oh and you must have missed a show or two where Teresa and her fat dumpy hubby were calling her and Kathy names #luckygirl she's seen the whole season even before Andy #lol #tricksare4kids
  • jaymawriosLove you @melissagorga btw love hubbys new look @joeygorga
  • laura_mcphailI'm totally loving Joe's shaved head! You two are such a beautiful couple!
  • yoleeb07So that's why you ran to him and put his hat on his head! Lol 😂 I was wondering wtf is she doing? They're in a middle of a fight but all you care about is putting his hat on!!
  • loca_loco666@joeygorga u look so old with a blad head
  • missfirework2What happen to ur hair @joeygorga
  • yramos821Now you don't have to spray paint your hair! Nice lol
  • maria_champssPeople are so rude. What are you even trying to accomplishing? You're trashing her picture about shit that you're not even involved in.. Get a fuckin life @yramos821 @michellee_elizabethh @kurshkursh20
  • princesaelsa_43Cutest couple EVER!!!!!
  • skinnyone96So cute! 💏
  • tineydancer47No more black hairsray! I love it! I live it! I love it!!
  • tineydancer47Hairspray
  • tiiffany.miichele@rashidaturner you stfu bitch
  • lindsaydesero@jennifer_innelli_
  • quana290Omg...Joe looks like a cancer patient
  • oceana007Please guys don't sweat the small stuff in life when it comes to family ..Been there done that Justlive your life ( love or above ) talk to the Archangels and Mary queen of the Angels !! I'm sending you healing ...Let go and let God :))If someone does your wrong .. Just return it to the sender with love. Already done ! Already healed .. And remember money doesn't make you Happy !!! Live your life in less Judgment . I have tears rolling down my face because I can feel your pain love you guys . Keep the Seven Archangels in your house ... Melissa you will be smelling sweet perfume in your dreams the Archangels wanted me to tell you that :)) and Joey there will be a big white feather out of know where and that is the Archangels getting you Attention !! Live in (Love) not in Judgment ... I'm spiritually sending you a dozen red roses for love and healing!!!
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