Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  • zooeydeschanelMerry Christmas everyone!!!!

  • greeklSweetest prettiest Zooey, I loved the christmas album with She & Him! Just wanted you to know that! ❤❤
  • mr_golfpunkIs this the most beautiful girl in the world? The answer is yes.
  • ashleyforealDeer in the headlights much????
  • nodiggity415@zacattack61 ditto!
  • ivagyelenB E A U T I F U L
  • thaydrrxZooey! Jess! Love yaaaaa!<3
  • axelreyesrivasZooey eres hermosa, tú eres mi sueño...
  • frank.dillingerWow its so easy to get lost in your eyes, even on instagram
  • andrewkevinnewtonI'm going to marry you one day - so stunning xx
  • jairo_barradasQue bellaa! Amo esos ojos!
  • dezirefaithOooooooo Mmmmmm G! So! Started watching New Girl & I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It's super fantabulous! I'm absolutely sure you hear that more than 205 times a day but I thought I'd let you know anyway! <3
  • dezirefaithOMG talk about stalker much who commented on a post from 106 weeks ago... Ha I just scrolled down and chose a random one o_O
  • docwaitHearing you sing baby it's cold outside made my year when I spent Christmas in Afghanistan for the 5th time in 2011. @zooeydeschanel you are beautiful inside and out. Your eyes are mesmerizing pools of what can only be described as the physical manifestation of Namaste. Idk if this will ever reach you, but you gave me a reason to survive my time in War, there are no words in the dictionary to thank you for that.
  • vicsears2@zooeydeschanel you have the most amazing eyes.
  • henry_madafakaaI love you :c <3
  • amor.grafiaFancy
  • angel_vhernandez💘
  • michaelodman@cynthiaa.ruiz me rn
  • fun_dj39Just heard your music....YOU ARE A LEGEND!!! Keepin it classy Zo, didn't know you were in elf tho, another great
  • rosso.nudnikPlease sing when you wish upon a star on New Year's Eve with Joseph please🙏🏼
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