I don't normally get this message in Oregon.
  • tshoxenreiderI don't normally get this message in Oregon.

  • dmdevout@tshoxenreider that happen to my sister when she left iPhone in car- we live in the desert though
  • igerscentraloregonWow that a new one! Crazy!
  • hookedonhousesYou know it's bad when...
  • millykitschenerI put mine in the freezer when I saw the message.
  • cassiejaytYup, this happens daily to me in Austin!
  • beccaluriaBe careful what you wish for when you say you miss the hot Texas weather! ;)
  • mossbrosmumAre you in Austin too? It's 109° at our house. Ugh.
  • thenuttertreeOoo, we are thinking of moving to Austin-is it that hot?!?
  • mriskovichWhen mine did that it was still under its one year warrantee and they replaced it.
  • cassiejayt@thrivingmamasara it's not always that hot but is for maybe 2 months out of the year. But, the highs all next week are only 90 so it fluctuates a bit. We had gorgeous weather until about 2 weeks ago. Now, it's hot but not humid at least!
  • awakeshawnI got this yesterday also ... In Pennsylvania!
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