Tonight is the Last of 10 amazing shows in London! Thank you, it's been a blast! #MBWorldTour
  • michaelbubleTonight is the Last of 10 amazing shows in London! Thank you, it's been a blast! #MBWorldTour

  • lainyaaNo... Thank YOU for a great show!
  • blascanto_esWoooooooow
  • pmartint_Woooooooow
  • pmartint_@blasauryn
  • shishi67I was one of those 155,000 :)
  • h.ollyharrisSo was I!! :) amazing
  • 4691mickHad a great night last Monday. Brilliant!
  • teethfacesIt was superb !!!
  • aishahduncanI miss you already!! :(
  • margiehorwoodMe too. It was amazing xx
  • katyat22Came to Monday show @ 02 London with daughter Lucy, we danced and sang - brilliant show well done...
  • _elliepattisonOMG bloody amazing saw u on the 4th night at the O2 I'm only 12 and my first ever concert was urs I was amazed we got the tickets thank you so much mr buble I love you more than anything xxx @michaelbuble
  • avvaaapayneaww Michael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I saw u on te 6th night which was the 7th of July & let me describe it in 2 words 'bloody great!!!!' xxx
  • avvaaapayneI'm 11 now but when I saw u I was 10 & I can tell u now that it was such a memorable night wanna go again I wanna be a singer thx 2 u!!! Xxx
  • sharonphillipssSo you in the 02 on your 9 day and you where amazing. Hope you go to Paris on your me t tour because I'd love a weekend over there and watch you xxxxxxxxx
  • avvaaapayneMwa Mwa that's 4 u Michael xx
  • avvaaapayneMiss you & I've been looking @ vids of you every single day zx
  • racheljsleep88You were amazing :-) xx
  • avvaaapayneWent to the 6th show #amazing x
  • belikebenjaminMr. Bublé, do you have a concert in the Philippines? I hope you are there or maybe in Manila, you can have a concert there.... i'm sure you are there... :)
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