Pineapple upside down with cherry whip from Pasture in Richmond VA. More on Sunday
  • chefazPineapple upside down with cherry whip from Pasture in Richmond VA. More on Sunday

  • dadswitchThat looks so tastey I want that here in Germany right now
  • nima1111So happy that you're in RVA!
  • perfectlittlebitesI had the best rice pudding of my life there recently
  • heeliodoorChef Jason was the best boss I've ever had
  • logestagg@chefaz as an advocate and supporter of goat meat you HAVE to visit The Blue Goat while in Richmond. We @autumn_olive_farms supply Chef @stillersone with whole Boer Bok goats that he breaks down and utilizes in all kinds of stellar goat dishes that rival anyone's. Oh and the Pattersons Registered Berkshire isn't bad either, you may of already had some with Jason at Pasture. You had our Ossabaw with Mike Isabella in Aspen at Grand Cochon, now you can experience the Boer Bok
  • michellesummer😛😛
  • harleyzuniverse@logestagg I live in chesterfield where is The blue Goat if u dont mind my asking?! I'm a total foodie!!!
  • logestagg@harleyzuniverse it's on the corner of Grove and Libbie avenue on the west side of Richmond. Good to hear! The food brings you in and the wine keeps you there lol
  • saramtrenn@hatebreed2009 you would LOVEEEE this!! 😍
  • krystianespmDelicia!
  • terriiguina@kaydeejos love country time!
  • funerallisonCome on down to Va. Beach!
  • mark_resnickWelcome to Richmond!
  • mark_resnickI'd love to teach you how frozen water is FOOD while you're here in Richmond.
  • heyartThat's an awesome dish. Pasture is great. Nice to see some #RVA love!
  • 4u3iChef Andrew Zimmern's posted from Pasture today too...
  • koch1501My wife makes delicious pineapple upside-down with a cherry...stop by at your convenience
  • etomosieski@shannon4082 I think we need to stop here when we go down to Richmond
  • newwave77Ooo how sexy! :)
  • jeraldinemirandaSuper yummyyy..........! ;)
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