Please vote! :) :) :) "Like" this picture if you do!
  • missellefowlerPlease vote! :) :) :) "Like" this picture if you do!

  • macbarb1Yeah I agree @amymelendrez Elle is awesome but Blair is a whiny liar
  • xx.toriI just voted for you @missellefowler and @missblairfowler i hope you too win. I love both of you and your videos. Just ignore all the hate.💗
  • niva_yadavGo Elle & Blair! ♥ You guys are so amazing and inspriring! ♥ ILY ♡♡ xxx
  • vintageashleyI decided to vote for @thegridmonster but good luck to u girls too!
  • ellahegartyYou have my vote;) please ignore all these idiots who have nothing better to do then make you feel terrble, you are a AMAZING person! Xxxxxxxxxxx @missellefowler
  • shelleyvanceI am Charity Vance's mom and we just LOVE your videos. We will go and vote for you. You and your sister are precious!!!!!
  • bbuchanoVOTING FOR YOU!!
  • izzylovespbjMy URL code isn't working!! I want to vote but its not coming up!? Help!!!!
  • skylabasirI voted for you! Hope you guys win!!
  • jaineycoatesGood luck! Love your videos @missellefowler
  • misslucyoliverVoting now
  • schneiter@truelyablonde You have no idea how the world works. People have a right to make a living. Elle and Blair aren't your circus animals to talk to you all the time and make you happy with youtube videos tailored specifically to you and your interests. They're adult women who make their own life decisions. Saying they don't interact with their subs is an outright lie; I've been retweeted by Blair twice, retweeted by Elle once, and they've both replied to countless comments and tweets of mine over the years. They can't get to everyone. They're adults with lives to live. If you aren't cool with how they're living their lives, whatever, but don't go telling Elle why she doesn't deserve an award she wants (and is qualified for, considering she was nominated) because you don't like how she pays her mortgage.
  • schneiter@truelyablonde oh honey you're probably in middle school or early high school? sorry, if you don't know what freedom of speech means, you're especially too young to be criticizing grown women. mature a little and come have a conversation with the grown ups when you're ready
  • bandsstfu@schneiter What did she say?
  • schneiter@music_is_always_the_answer she said that elle and blair didn't deserve votes and said they're bad people for paying their bills
  • bandsstfu@schneiter Oh, wow, she's a bitch.
  • koshinmusicCongrats
  • thebluebelleI'd vote!
  • sarahelgazarSweetheart Elle 😊❤😘
  • emilysweinerdangit why Dident I see this 45 weeks earlier!! you guys totaly would of had my votes 💓💗💛 you guys were my first Beauty gurus I ever watched 💛
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