New video up on my channel! Everything you need to know about sunscreen all under 5 mins! Go Go GO! #dontburnonme
  • michellephanNew video up on my channel! Everything you need to know about sunscreen all under 5 mins! Go Go GO! #dontburnonme

  • emmappurcellI watch all of your videos, and you are super pretty
  • fallonduellyThank you for introducing me to this vid it really helped me with my skin thank you
  • givjmdjThx a ferry important video to watch x
  • smmmmmrrI love how youre just like a friend to us. You act like youre a real person talking to close friends unlike other beauty gurus. Ilysm! <3
  • gemmarobinson._I never knew those facts about SPF sun cream
  • mariadarochaLove the video!! Helped me a lot!!!
  • zhouyuan_orgso cute
  • venus_vigo@suheimy cada ves que la veo, me recuerda a ti, haha
  • srn_1101@barbii3_doll jajaja debe ser por lo chinita
  • venus_vigo@suheimy aveces se parecen, lol
  • renee.orpinAhhh! I wish I had summer at the moment because whenever I watch your videos on YouTube everything is to do with summer but its winter for me. So basically everything is opposite for me :( xx @michellefawn
  • aaudreymwHi I'm Audrey I'm eleven years old and I love your videos they're awesome in so many ways and so are you and I was wondering if you could do a beginners kit for makeup it would really help😃. Thanks
  • goodbyeforeverrrrr4Thanks Michelle! everyday I watch your videos! You are my idol...when I grow up I want to be just like you! Your videos have helped me so much! I have been using sunscreen more! And goodies on my face! I think I have seen EVERY video that you have made! No joke! Thanks Michelle phan for everything! Someday I really hope we can meet!😘 bye :)
  • khay1aOmg me too @joanne_montoya
  • alexaleigh_xoThis is so cute :3
  • sporty_girl_forever_211Good tip 👍👌
  • rachwarrenthis was before she had her chin redone
  • binkcasciatoShoooooo cuuttteee
  • ewnadawcw
  • bubblymishWow- not too long ago it seems I was watching this in my friend's computer room!
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