Superman that Lowe. Part 2.
  • seanloweksuSuperman that Lowe. Part 2.

  • elleboogz@seanloweksu BEST CAPTION!
  • maddieleporeOh I am puking. Best caption.
  • kimsliwinYou guys are so cute!!
  • uniqueness29Awww so cute,best couple ever.
  • glowbeautifulAwww so adorable
  • jess_icaa09That's a kid... @uniqueness29
  • lorelai_popOK WHEN I FOUND OUT U WERE THE NEXT BACHELOR I WAS SO PSYCED AND HAPPY, YOU TRULY HAD AN AMAZING SEASON AND I THINK U ARE JUST AN AMAZING PERSON, ALSO WHEN I FOUND OUT U LIVED IN DALLAS I WAS JUST LIKE I AM DONE. WOW U ARE JUST MY FAVE BACHELOR OF ALL TIME,YOU ARE SO NICE THE WAY YOU HANDLED NOT GIVING A ROSE TO SOMEONE AND IT WAS SO SWEET, you really are an awesome person and me and my friend were always excited about your season and we trailed it very Monday and would talk about the episodes and just like obsess over the show and we began to get into it, until soon it was almost all we talked about, I think you and Catherine are just amazing together and just OMG the fact that I could be in target and run into you just makes my life more exciting😂😂 I wish you and Catherine the best and truly I can see you made an Amzing decision because you guys are just so cute together, I absolutely look up to you guys and I just love you guys, truly amazing. Just the cutest couple ever you and des's season Absolutely perfect🌹and you ran into one of my friends yesterday just if I ran into u or Catherine just #lifewouldbemade @seanloweksu thanks for being the coolest bachelor ever 😎
  • starlightweenie^^^^ what she said!
  • ashhvanessa^^
  • jol.ieeeC'mon sean use those muscles!
  • bobbbyreadI've been stopped a number of times by people thinkin i'm you. @seanloweksu lol I see the resemblance
  • kelsiroo11Hahaha. @bobbbyread. No.
  • luke.priceeeI see it bro!! @bobbbyread haha don't listen to her she's just mad she doesn't look like a celebrity!!
  • bobbbyreadLol @guitarguy6
  • julzhernandezYou are perfection
  • bianca_matchain:))
  • mpierce1984Very cute:-)!... But if you was going to get real in to it and be serious abt it let her put her right foot in both your hands then she needs to put her left leg in the air horizontally with her toe pointed and hands need to be in a fist in the air above Her head there's a challenge tht a real superman but I now y'all are just playing around so don't take it rude or anything I'm 12:-):-D
  • kayc316Haha @seanloweksu 😂 you nerd
  • dhurataaaaaaAw
  • scgressHa good comment @seanloweksu
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