#Fridayz #monaco @kingspleasure
  • badgalriri#Fridayz #monaco @kingspleasure

  • jeca.pecaYou are glowing like a star. You are beautiful like an angel and rare like diamond. You are one of God's brightest creations! @badgalriri
  • killaleeshHey riri i freakin love your new single "what now" but anyways i was just thinkin like why isnt rihanna & chris back together yet well "what now" asnwered my question & im pretty sure your not goin to see or respond to this but i think that if you love someone you should forgive & forget even the worst happens but hey if you love chris go ahead im just a fan of you guys both but what im saying is fuck everybody else who don't think you guys should be together shit they cant me you feel the way he do & they cant do the things he do so basically im sayin forgive him & forget if you can because what ppl say about that if he hit you once he will do it again bullshit as long as he's gettin help & he feel like he's gettin help he would be better & i also feel you thats why im writing this long ass speech but im just sayin if he's wat you want then get him if he's who you truly love then love him because ppl can change for the better im pretty sure you've witnessed it before so you guys as individuals should try to get back together be more than friends because deep down inside you guys are true lovers your first love is still every thing & more
  • xobryyxoyour smile is so adorable lol
  • tchizaabrantes#natural
  • janae.x_Love it ♡♡♡
  • tugceoakenshieldSoldaki demet akalin mi?
  • 2krazy2kareYou have just an amazing smile you can light up the darkest part of someone's life with that smile Rihanna I mean that
  • badgalfaty#iheartrihanna
  • reneebanks_Me @seanbroadhurst
  • wwwstelthbossWhere the fuck are we now?
  • nastasiasartYour spiritually in connect with your pineal gland. It naturally shows through your pictures.
  • finesse.barbie😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • mrsnyasummer@heeeaven_or_heeell due links lacht wie du
  • pereira_lauroLinnnndas
  • ilovemesomerihanna@nastasiasart huh
  • nastasiasartLook up the word pineal gland, READ about it then come back and talk to me. Ignorance.... Just like how half of you don't even understand what her Isis tattoo means. @ilovemesomerihanna
  • ilovemesomerihanna@nastasiasart oh OK thats the yellowish or whitish part of the pussy at the tip
  • ilovemesomerihanna@nastasiasart and Rihannas isis tattoo mean a complete women in rememberance of her gramother
  • rihannadiva.irr#lovely
  • ek.hk_a._u😨fmaiyu lti iqid ‌ iaioa @erfannassiri @maryam_ama_gh @mohammad.kabi.‌ ‌ 66 @marziehnajafi6230 @elnaz.‌ ghhhhh65 @mohammad_8091 @mohammadreza.tb1346 @amirali_nabavian_fanclub@garibe_taher @hamed_khourizadeh دستگاه الکترونیکی ‌ ‌ آرام بخش جیبی،‌ با استفاده ‌ از تکنولوژي ‌ بیو‌ فيدبـ‍ک . با روزی ‌ ‌ چند‌ دقیقه تــمرین بـا این ‌ دستگاه ‌ کنتـرل استر‌ س ‌ خو‌ د را به آسانی در دست بگیرید. 0⃣2⃣1⃣6⃣6⃣9⃣1⃣5⃣5⃣1⃣2⃣ jii ‌ o ipe u oauco iuu te eood ‌ wvq oa f ‌ uiae ca ii jw iac ‌ xpe 👿
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