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  • dabney_Black men's rights are at stake on all levels in all neighborhoods - from Sanford to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Even if the jury delivers a guilty verdict, our work and solidarity should not have an expiration date. Stop-and-frisk persists bc as yankees gawk at stand your ground laws, the "question" has been systematically subtracted from the stop and frisk equation bc NYPD also believes what Zimmerman muttered that night, that those "assholes always get away." We as a country have failed to recognize the state of black men as a human rights issue. #hoodieup #justicefortrayvon

  • dbutler✊ Fists up #justicefortrayvon
  • carleegriffethLove this and you
  • lenoxhills🙌🙌🙌
  • dabney_@xtrememathgenis love you too! Miss you xoxo
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