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  • likeyou98@Sam_Meteora Thats one possibility, but that's also about what the band had promised for Living Things. And what did we finally get? Another album with tons of futuristic sounds... And yes, Linkin Park does always had electronic elements. BUT years ago they were just a decent stylistic device. Today they're 80-90% of a song.
  • art_jankoBraaaaaaaaad <3
  • linkinparksoldiergirlI Agree More Than 100% with @zorlorg
  • likeyou98@fantabennington Believe it or not, but I've already got every Linkin Park album, underground, demo, ect... I'm a soldier from the very first second. And don't call somebody "close-minded about art"! Art is a medium that everyone sees and feels in a different way. If you think ATS and LT are better than the earlier stuff... alright, it's your opinion. BUT you can't say that they are really better, 'cause everyone has his own opinion, just like you. And I don't want them to change completely back to their roots and make another full nu-metal album. @mikeshinoda I just want you to not forget your old fans... But I'm at a point,now, where I'm really asking myself : "Did you already forget us?"
  • fabtafaz@helt_chillade_patrik There's no 6th album yet, Unwanted Truth isn't real :/
  • likeyou98@fantabennington It' ok, dude. I'm not angry with you. But I wouldn't say it's a fact... Cause to add more sounds doesn't mean to be more musically advanced.
    Since MTM there was just no melodie that really catched or touched me.
    Another problem is that we oldschool fans never got a real explanation for the change. Sure... "trying new things, bla bla". But does this really means to change about everything and let the old things forever behind?
    The worst of it is, that they're giving us oldschool fans hope... over and over again -> Mike said in an interview (~ one year ago) that they really considering about making another HT/Meteora album incidentally and that it wouldn't be a big thing for them. So when it's so easy... why don't they make it? It would mean so much for lots of people...
  • _jay_hernandezHey mr micheal kenji shinoda have you ever thought about making a run at a electro drum and bass rhythem around 120 bpm or so tthat starts with chester screaming and it cuts into pieces and it transforms into the actual rhythem like if you could take a scream and transform it to a b flat dial tone from space back ground intro hook of a drum and bass track .. idk man I think it sounds cool I wish i could try to make it myself but I dont have the gear and most of injudt have imagination and im no m.kenji shinoda lol
  • fabtafazBrad
  • fabtafazBrad why
  • fabtafazWhy are you so perfect
  • fabtafazhis aRMS
  • y_shinoda_lp楽しみ♥
  • pumpkinofjokerBrad... I love him...
  • umerkornslayerI see @faraznabi :D
  • annaishinodaThis is for unwanted truth !!!!
  • 0817naomi♪~(・ε・ )♪
  • black3ightThe Nu-Metal is there. The Electronica is There. The Alternative is there.
  • somnioinc@sseohair that guy looks like me
  • sseohair@somnioinc no
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